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What the Caucasus crisis and the global financial and economic crisis have in common is that they draw a line under the 20 year period since the downfall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and determine the limits of the inertial policies pursued all these years, including in the vein of the old political and psychological thrust to "contain" Russia. Within this context, some of our partners in the West – but admittedly by far not all of them – acted in the spirit of the notorious triumphalism claiming the victory in the Cold War and anticipating a kind of Western-style "world revolution". It is precisely due to this inertia that the end of the Cold War was not perceived as complete: for many the Cold War continued at the level of ideology as a virtual project by some forces who proclaimed "the end of history" and "a one polar world" trying to translate all that into a concrete and practical policies.

As regards the new, democratic Russia, it just withdrew from the Cold War abandoning the ideology used by the Soviet Union to justify its involvement in that exercise. This was the choice made by the Russian people and the peoples of the other republics of the former USSR.

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  • Date: 9-06-2009, 17:57
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TODAY I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK about the fundamental issues of contemporary diplomacy - its subject and method. Ours is the time of sweeping transformations which call for profound comprehension, otherwise the diplomacy of any state might lose its contacts with reality and, therefore, its efficiency of a foreign policy instrument. The examples are too recent to be neglected.This discussion is much more needed than ever before; our contacts with partners, including our Western partners, have convinced us that an objective process of convergence is underway all over the world. Limitedso far to the realm of ideas it is gradually trickling into the sphere of practical policies.