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No doubt, it is the economic cooperation that will reenergize broader relations between Russia and Ukraine.
One of the key economic agreements between the two countries signed during the Russian-Ukrainian summit is the inter-bank cooperation deal between Ukreximbank and Russia`s Bank VTB. Previously Russian Prime Minister V. Putin promised to Kyiv a $500m credit program from VTB to lessen Ukraine`s dependency on Western financial institutions.

In 1972, Molotov could not stop wondering: "Churchill is one of the victorious leaders, and I still can’t explain to myself how it could happen that he failed in the 1945 elections." In fact it is indeed extraordinary and inexplicable. Some romantically-minded historians even believed that with the departure of the "heroes" it was a time for mediocrity. Churchill later played up to such comments, for instance, throwing away phrases such as: "When the war of the giants ends, the war of the pygmies begins

HUMAN MEMORY recoils from the vast or even boundless expanse of the last war; it breaks it into events, periods and stages to better cope with its tragic grandeur. Thousands of those drawn in its whirlpool were aware of this yet not all of them proved equal to the task of passing their personal experience to the future generations. New facts and new documentsreveal new dimensions of well-known facts; they even upturn our ideas about the past and many of our former approaches together with the meaning of the past events. It seems that mankind should pool efforts to draw on its collective memories to move closer to the line from which the vast panorama of this war can be seen in its entirety.

November 1943: a photograph published in all corners of the world shows the British premier and his Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden at the Tehran Conference. Seated, Sir Winston looks straight at the camera; his face betrays the already familiar and somewhat grim charisma. You are looking at the man determined to go to the end. This brings to mind thedesperate Battle of Britain when Churchill said in the House of Commons that if Britain was occupied "the Empire will carry on the struggle" beyond the seas, in the New World. Anthony Eden standing behind his premier looks like a true Englishman.

Proud bearing, high and noble brow, the eyes looking into the distance where the dawn of a future victory can be seen: the contrast between them is striking. In the photo Churchill looks like a skipper minus a pipe. He was the skipper destined to save his country from a deadly threat. Romanticism was alien to him: he never lost sight of the reefs, sand-banks and mines which threatened his ship.

In February 1945 at an airport in the Crimea, Churchill arrived at the Yalta conference and started to behave extravagantly. Passing by the guard of honor, instead of observing the usual protocol he started to closely scrutinize the faces of the officers and soldiers standing frozen "at attention," as if trying to read something in their faces. However, those greeting him and watching the scene did not find it offensive. To many it was obvious - Churchill wanted to understand and see the qualities that made these people capable of a victorious resistance against the most powerful military machine in history. I must say that the Premiere’s curiosity had been warmed up by the most recent developments on the Western Front.

Brazil is central to the Kremlin`s politics of increasing assertiveness in Latin America. From this standpoint Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva who plans to visit Moscow on May 13-14 — a pragmatic and predictable leader remaining a patriot of his own country despite the onslaught of globalization — is an almost ideal partner.
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva established himself in international politics in the epoch of neocon dominance. 

Russian President D. Medvedev will visit Turkey om May 11, 2010.
The trade turnover between Russia and Turkey has topped $30 bn, the ambitious target to be attained within the coming five years being $100 bn. Russia`s investments in Turkey contently total over $4 bn, and Turkey`s in Russia - over $6 bn. Russia supplies around 70% of Turkey`s fuel demand, and - as a plan for the future - the two countries have reached agreements on nuclear energy cooperation (Russian companies will construct one or several nuclear power plants in Turkey). 

In contrast to the projections of a crushing defeat of the Red Army, that were churned out on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in June, 1941 but eventually proved inaccurate, Churchill`s belief that Russia was ready to make an all-out effort to fight the war fully withstood the test of reality. The story, though, took a long time to unfold...

The British leader is portrayed in Winston`s War. Churchill, 1940-1945, a recent book by journalist and historian Max Hastings, as a true «warlord» and a man to be credited with steeliness as the prevalent personality trait. After the 1940 crisis, when the invasion of the British Islands by Nazi Germany seemed imminent but did not materialize thanks to the courage of the British pilots in the Battle of Britain, Churchill was considering various overland war theaters. The former First Lord of the Admiralty vehemently opposed the idea that the strategic objective of the Sovereign of the Seas in the global conflict could be limited to defending its own coastline and kept questioning himself what course Great Britain had to steer at the moment to deserve a positive historical verdict in the future.