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The planned December 15 opening of the rouble-yuan trading in Russia is a symbolic and potentially historical event. It reflects tectonic shifts in the world's economy and politics and accordingly promises a transformation of the global financial architecture. At the moment China's contribution to the global economy far exceeds the scope of the yuan international circulation and the Chinese currency's share in national financial reserves.

Back when the NEW START, the ams control treaty currently awaiting ratification by the US Senate, was being put together, Washington attempted to deny the obvious fact that the reduction of strategic nuclear arsenals and the missile defense were interlocking themes. It should be credited entirely to the efforts of the Russian negotiating team that the text of the New Start does reflect the connection.

The 1975 Helsinki Act which became the foundation on which the OSCE was built reflected a compromise between the Western and the Eastern blocs and as such established a fairly incoherent mix of principles in the international relations.