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The US Administration and Afghanistan's government chose to get in touch with the Haqqani clan renown as a particularly ominous group in the ranks of the Afghan resistance. No doubt, the step reflects Washington's awareness of its inability to prevail in the conflict in Afghanistan, and the Talibs' guerrilla tactic must be credited with efficiency high enough to force the US ask for peace, which is the objective the anti-Western tribal coalition has been pursuing from the outset.

The meeting of North Korea’s ruling party (Workers' Party of Korea - WPK) on September 28, the first one since the party’s congress of 1980, is the most important event in country’s domestic policy.

Note, that the gatherings of the ruling party are rather exceptional events which are not held on a regular basis. They are held only when the most crucial issues must be considered.

It seemed suspicious recently that Washington which tends to denigrate the “immature” democracies of Latin America and the Caribbean without restraint made serious efforts to demonstrate respect for Brazil. G. Bush's Administration bracketed as “immature” the Latin American states with populist regimes and, generally, any countries showing a measure of defiance defending their national interests under the US pressure.

Debates between the US and China over the valuation of the yuan are currently gathering momentum. A new campaign of pressure on Beijing is initiated by the US Congress which proposed a bill authorizing the government to slap duties on China's imports based on the view that the yuan is grossly undervalued. The lower chamber approved the legislation.

Interview with the Democrat Party leader

1. From your perspective, what is the current state of the relations between Russia and Moldova?  In the context, what can you say about the agreement of cooperation between the United Russia party and Moldova's Democrat Party?

In my view, at the moment the state of the relations between Moldova and Russia is unnatural — what is going on is totally inappropriate for the two countries having much in common and largely sharing the same history, culture, and mentality.

Ecuador's police forces played the key role in the coup attempt which shattered the country on September 30. The passing of a law affecting the police officers' bonuses and job benefits became a pretext for the rebellion which erupted in the capital city of Quito and the Guayquil seaport town. Actually, the law was not supposed to entail pay reductions, but those who masterminded the coup managed to convince the police that it would and thus provoked the uprising.

I'm not talking about Luzhkov, I'm on about the stars in the Kremlin and the Kremlin itself.

80 years ago, on October 1st, 1930, the Chudov monastery inside the Kremlin was blown up, the beauty and grandeur of which were not inferior to other monasteries, and which bore the name of the Great Monastery in the heart of Moscow. It was founded by Metropolitan Alexius, who not only blessed and spiritually inspired  Dmitry Donskoy, but all the scattered people of Rus to fight against the Mongol yoke ... 

The 61th anniversary of the Chinese Republic is celebrated in Beijing rather modestly. The country is preoccupied with its current tasks as it faces reemerging inflation, unemployment, excessively fast urbanization, and unrestrained energy consumption. Nevertheless, it is clear that China manages to sustain its exceptional growth and that its march to modernity continues regardless of the pains suffered by its economic partners from the ranks of industrialized countries.

According to the finalized official count, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) led by president Hugo Chavez won 98 of the 165 seats in the country's parliament, the result achieved by the opposition represented by the Coalition for Democratic Unity (MUD) being 65 seats. Chavez used to express hope that his supporters would win as much as 111 seats – over 2/3 of the legislature's total – but the plan failed to materialize.

Life in France came to a standstill amid report of new threats. The country’s interior minister Brice Hortefeux has urged to raise terror alert level. The French national police director Frederic Pechenard confirmed that new threats were very likely and named public transport among the most probable objects for attacks. He added that assassinations of high-ranking officials could take place as well. Meanwhile, a terror alert level can be raised to the highest any moment, which will result in closed railways stations, underground and airports.