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Washington is interested in starting broad discussions with Moscow on further reduction of strategic nuclear arsenals. The announcement was made by Rose Gottemoeller, assistant secretary of state for arms control, as she spoke at the Naval Academy in Annapolis last week. In her speech she made it clear that the U.S. seeks cuts to nuclear weapons stockpiles and solid cooperation with Moscow on anti-missile defense.

It is the day of resurrection! Let us be illumined for the feast!” - even the air in the church seems to vibrate with joy when the Easter chant sounds during the celebration of the feast of feasts. A week before the resurrection, Jesus told Mary, the sister of Lazarus: “Your brother will rise again” and she replied with firm belief that “he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day”, that is, at the final moment of the earthly history. “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25) said Jesus to make it clear that Lazarus would be restored to life right at the time, as would be restored to life the souls of Mary and whoever witnessed the miracle. What appeared to be distant thus became immediate reality, and the resurrection of all on the last day grew as obvious as an established fact despite the ages that lay ahead. In our days, Easter similarly shines the light of the promised joy on our  existence.

Creeping of instability and political revolts in the Arab East has given birth to expectations that the democratic wave will soon reach North Korea as well. Indeed: if there is no chance to change the political regime in North Korea by using military force so why not to choose less risky and not so expensive way do it – for example by providing “assistance” to the North Korean people who are yearning for democracy?  

Though geographically the revolution-ridden North Africa and North Eastern Asia are far from each other, many analysts draw parallels and even come up with forecasts about similar fates of the leaders of Jamahiriya and North Korea. The current events in Libya put the following question – Does a small country have the right to conduct its independent policy in the modern world, regardless of the approval of the global ruling class and without running a risk to be punished for that?

On April 10, in an interview with a CNN host and political observer Fareed Zakaria, the former secretary of state James Baker, when he was speaking about the current global changes, said the following: “The biggest challenge facing the U.S. isn’t turmoil in the Arab world. It’s our debt bomb”.  He said that without a strong dollar the US will turn into the United States of Greece.

It may be the most convincing argument in favor of the godly origin of Christianity that no human would have thought of preaching about God being crucified. Saying that the notion would have looked illogical would be an understatement – human nature and mind with its “common sense” would have both rebelled against the idea that God could be humiliated and tortured by those whom he had created. Always understood to be almighty, God could be harsh or condescending, could punish or forgive, but could not have been imagined to suffer at the hands of humans and be executed in an act of self-sacrifice for the sake of human salvation. 

Family doctor Richard Scott, 50, was accused of harassing one of his patients – a reportedly suicidal young man - for bringing up the theme of Christianity at workplace. The regulator, Great Britain's  General Medical Council, issued an official warning to Scott who faces the risk of being dismissed from his position over the charges. The Cambridge-educated doctor intends to file a lawsuit in his defense and describes the regulator's approach as censorship. “He viewed his problem as purely medical issue and I said it might be more than that,” says Scott about the evidently consensual conversation with his former patient. Being open about his view that a spiritual component is indispensable to healing, Scott stresses that the discussion ended as soon as he realized that the patient did not favor it.

The parliamentary elections, held in Finland on April 17, were marked by an unprecedented success of the True Finns, which is regarded as a nationalist party. According to the preliminary results, the True Finns have received 19% of votes and increased their representation at the parliament to 39 from only 5 seats in comparison with 2007.

More than ever over the past decade, geopolitics watchers whose approach to international developments is - in line with the projections made by founders of the school of thought N.Ya. Danilevsky, O. Spengler, and A.J. Toynbee - premised in the assumption that distinct civilizations will overshadow countries and ethnic groups as the actual players in global politics can say that reality is generating ample evidence to confirm the concept.

A HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO, America entered its bloodiest war that was to last four years. The Civil War between the North and the South cost the lives of 620,000 people, which is almost equal to total American losses in all other wars. Two out of every three Americans have ancestors that went through the crucible of this war - a figure that debunks the myth that the USA has become great thanks to subsequent fertile strata of immigrants.

In our imagination, America has always hastened to live. However, this myth about U.S. history is not universal, either. At one point, the Russian conservative K. Leontiev, seeing that Russia was about to step from the patriarchal world to the world of technological, financial and industrial revolution, exclaimed, "Freeze, Russia!" The southern U.S. states tried to do something similar - not as a motto but as a program -and issued a challenge to the time.