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The deeper the crisis in Syria, the more evident it becomes that its former ally, Turkey, has played its part in the process. As the only moderate Islamic NATO member state, Turkey has turned into a springboard for the Syrian opposition. Istanbul announced the creation of a Syrian national council, analogous to the Libyan NTC. Opposition members are actively collaborating with Turkish governmental bodies. Actually, Turkey homes a headquarters of Syrian immigrants who handle all those destructive policies at home.

"MUAMMAR QADDAFI'S GRUESOME DEATH sent a message to dictators around the world." These words by U.S. President Obama sent waves of enthusiasm in the West European media (the German media, however, remained immune). The question is: What sort of a message? What produced a greater impression: the bodies of lynched Mussolini and his mistress hung upside down on meat hooks from the roof of an Esso gas station or the Nuremberg trial which revealed the man-hating nature of Nazism? The answer is obvious even though the scopes of historical contexts and personalities are widely different.

If the message is intended for Assad and Saleh it will hardly produce the desired effect. Washington did not hesitate to hand over Hosni Mubarak, its loyal ally of many years, to the opposition. This and lynching of Qaddafi will make those who are called dictators even more determined to suppress the opposition. In Syria this will lead to an even greater bloodshed.

There were those who tried to raise their voices to be heard amid the noise of the choir. Swiss sociologist Jean Ziegler admitted that he had hoped that Qaddafi would be tried by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. None of the leaders of the Unified Protector coalition voiced his regrets. One wonders why.