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OH WELL, this feels great. You come to the Crimea and hear at the passport checkpoint in the Simferopol airport: "With your passport you do not need an immigration card." A TV picture of Medvedev and Yanukovich criticizing the borderline idiocy comes to mind followed by a puzzled question: "Why did they distribute the cards on board in the first place rather than telling us the great news?"

Well, let it be. The ice is breaking after all, to borrow a quote from a classic while the "jurors" of the Russian-Ukrainian relations having safely landed in the Crimea began their preparations for a conference organized by the International Affairs journal with the support of the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

The conference level was high and the range of problems to be discussed wide and varied. The first session was invited to discuss the priority and resources of the new Russia-Ukraine relationships; the second was expected to put the new policy into the context of the Russia-Ukraine-EU triangle; the third was confronted with the eternal question: Russia-Ukraine: a dialogue of cultures or a common cultural expanse?

Russia and Ukraine: Views and Opinions

On January 1, 2011 Cubans will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the revolution that opened the era of social justice in Latin America. Today's political dynamics across the continent – the radical reforms in Venezuela and Ecuador, the nationally oriented politics pursued by Argentine, Brazil, and several other countries – was made possible by the example of Cuba, the country which did not bow to the US pressure.