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This September was marked with a recurrence of pipeline disputes between Russia and the EU. On September 16, Russian premier V. Putin blessed in Sochi an agreement on the construction of the marine section of South Stream, the pipeline intended to rid Russia of the dependence on Ukraine for gas transit to Europe.

On September 16, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2009 establishing a “peacekeeping” Support Mission in Libya to be headed by British citizen Ian Martin. The Mission is tasked with helping Libya rebuild its national security, assisting the country in drafting a new constitution, expanding the zone under the control of the civilian administration, advocating human rights, supporting justice, rebuilding the Libyan economy, and coordinating the support for future interactions with other subjects. At the moment, it makes sense to get a glimpse of what all of the above may mean in practice.

Facebook has announced the creation of its own political action committees. Thus, the network will be able to participate in the financial support of the candidates in the upcoming elections in the U.S. in 2012.

At first glance the versatility of the Web involves not simply impartiality, but is also demonstratively apolitical and non-partisan, because among the users are people of different social, political, cultural and even civilization statuses. Apparently, regardless of this fact, a company spokesperson said that their voice would be heard in support of candidates who show care for "a more open and connected world, with innovative approaches to the economy."

This thesis, of course, is vague, but however, avoids reference to any particular political force, and suggests that it is supporting some independent politicians, "professing" to believe in the principle of an "open society."

However, Facebook recently organized a highly publicized public meeting with leading congressional Republicans. This event was followed immediately afterwards by a Google sponsored Republican presidential debate, together with the Fox News channel.

The European Union (EU) continues attempts to expand its influence on post Soviet territories, including South Caucasus. On September 29-30, Warsaw will host “Eastern partnership” summit, which agenda includes alongside with Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova also Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan..

Since the end of the 78-day long 1999 campaign of NATO air raids against Yugoslavia, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija remain locked in a ghetto, with no defense from their own statehood. The withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers – the only force in the province that could realistically be expected to guarantee the security of the local Serbian community and other minorities – killed the Kosovo Serbs' last hope for any kind of on-site protection.

The Balkans often bring the most experienced politicians to a standstill. Here you feel yourself in a space from Kurosawa's famous movie "Rashomon," where everyone has their own truth, and the truth is bathed in blood. "Hate each other, but do not kill" - this strange call came from the mouth of the Croatian professor Zarko Puhovski at the First International Forum on Security, recently held in Belgrade. The professor believes that this is better than the hypocritical "love each other" and the external manifestations of tolerance, which was shown by the former elite and which tore Yugoslavia apart in front of the European Union.

There is an interesting detail - the Serbs do not go to the seaside in Croatia, preferring the friendlier and more intimate Montenegro. One diplomat said that he once dared to drive to Dubrovnik with Belgrade number plates. And he seriously regretted it, because to calm the situation on the border was possible only after he explained that he was not a Serb.

Will Europe help make peace in the Balkan States, and do they actually want this reconciliation? One has to agree with those who say that the concept of the Western Balkans, and, perhaps, the whole of the Balkans as an integrated region, no longer exists. With the entry of Croatia into the EU (and soon, perhaps, Bosnia) one cannot even talk about regional political, or economic and cultural integration.

Russian general staff chief Gen. N. Makarov warned at a media briefing in Moscow on September 12 that revolutions patterned on the Libyan one can recur in Central Asia.

The emerging rapprochement between Kyiv and Warsaw which was underscored by V. Yanukovych's recent meeting with B. Komorowski is drawing the attention of the US watchers. For the US, Poland is a dependable partner whom Washington can entrust with serious geopolitical missions.

A WEEK BEFORE TRIPOLI FELL to the insurgents, a glamour model and ex-girlfriend of Mutassim, one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons, had come to the Libyan capital. Talitha van Zon, the former Playboy centerfold, who claimed that she had parted with Mutassim Gaddafi several years ago, could not explain why she came to the country torn apart by a civil war.

In any case very soon the toasts to a victory over the rebels were drowned out by the sounds of shooting and shouts by the same rebels at doors of her hotel. "The Dutch model was then paraded in front of rebel fighters who chanted 'petrol.' She feared they would 'burn her alive' and then made a desperate escape by leaping from the hotel's balcony" breaking her hand. Rescued by a Dutch journalist who helped her, together with other refugees to leave the country on a humanitarian ship, she reached Malta. The media all over the world informed their readers and viewers that "glamour model ex-girlfriend of Gaddafi's son escapes rebels after they threatened to 'burn her alive'" the reports supplied with a lavish selection of her photos.

A decade ago, the World Trade Center was destroyed in “a terrorist attack” on September 11 in New York. Contrary to all efforts made by the Empire's propaganda and (dis)information machine, the belief in the complicity of hawks from G. Bush's Administration in the whole story did not recede from public discourse but, instead, gained tens of millions of followers worldwide...