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Realizing that even he could not implement the idea of ​​selling Russian America alone, the Grand Duke, acting very carefully within the framework of the Sea Ministry, was looking for proxies to participate in the planned transaction. Since it was extremely hard to find such people among members of old Russian nobility, candidates for the role of go-betweens in the sale of Russian America were being looked for among the new aristocracy at the imperial court.
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The continuing tension in the Middle East has yet again become a discussion point during the so-called top-level week of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York. What made the situation worse this year was Washington’s decision to strengthen its military presence in the region, which it adopted a few days before the summit. According to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the measure was taken at the request of Saudi Arabia, which had been attacked by drones: “The President (Donald Trump) approved the deployment of US forces, which will be defensive and will focus primarily on air and missile defense”. According to the head of the Pentagon, this “will send a clear signal that the US is supporting its partners in the region.”
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Enlisting the support of Emperor Alexander II, Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich started to vigorously promote the idea of selling Russian possessions in North America in the corridors of power in St. Petersburg. To achieve this goal, he drew up a five-point list of evidence in favor of the sale of Alaska.
Scientific studies and media publications dealing with the history of Russian America, offer a large variety of polar assessments of the activities of the Russian-American company (RAC), with some authors describing is exclusively as a state-owned enterprise, while others viewing the RAC as a family business of the Romanov dynasty. First of all, I believe that we can’t say for sure that the RAC was a joint-stock trading enterprise or a state institution.
On March 30, 1867, the Russian Empire signed the Treaty of Cession of Alaska, which envisaged the sale of Alaska to the United States. More than 150 years on, many in Russia still have second thoughts about the true motives that prompted the tsarist government to take this step. What makes the dispute so particularly acute in Russia today? Russian history is full of examples of Moscow Grand Dukes, Emperors and, later, Soviet leaders gaining or losing parts of the country’s territory as a result of wars or other upheavals.
The decision of the Indian authorities to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir has caused a predictably angry reaction from Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has signalled his country's readiness to use “all means available” to counteract such a “unilateral” move on the part of New Delhi. Also, a statemetn condemning the decision has been made by Beijing. According to Pakistani media, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, while in Islamabad, “stated that China would oppose any unilateral actions by India in Kashmir which could worsen the situation in the region.”
Following the massive socio-economic success of the largest continent, corruption is the next battleground in the development of the Asia-Pacific. Lately, it has hampered inclusive and sustainable development and is a primary cause of the difficulty experienced by developing Asian-Pacific countries in advancing beyond the middle-income bracket. Fostered by weak regulation and enforcement frameworks, corruption comes in many forms, including bribery, embezzlement, and cronyism.
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Representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission are due to gather for gas negotiations in Brussels on September 19th. Experts say the talks may play a crucial role in addressing the pressing issue of Russian gas supplies to Europeans. Maroš Šefčovič, who is responsible for energy issues in the European Union leadership, said on Twitter that progress in this direction will provide the market a powerful positive impetus ahead of the winter season. During the upcoming negotiations, Moscow and Kiev will try to secure a deal, through the mediation of the European Commission, on a new agreement on the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine (the current one expires on December 31, 2019).​
In Montenegro, since 1945 and the beginning of the rule of the Yugoslav Communists, the process of assimilation of Serbs into Montenegrins is implemented. But, in this process, it is important to highlight the geopolitical turning point in 1997, when the current regime began to implement openly anti-Serb policy. Because under communism, although almost everyone had to declare themselves nationally as Montenegrins, they were nonetheless Montenegrins who were in the Serbian/Slavic cultural and historical circle.
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