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Washington's interference and threats to Beijing over its plans to impose new legislation on Hong Kong, along with mounting pressure over the coronavirus crisis, are a part of a broader long-term strategy to diminish China's influence, and the US will likely try to get more countries to join its anti-China efforts, experts told Sputnik.
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  • Date: 29-05-2020, 15:26
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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people everywhere to radically change the way they look at global events and relations between countries. The assistance that Russia and China provided to some European countries during the difficult period in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in March, April and May and the resulting growth of pro-Russian and pro-Chinese sentiment there was bad news for Washington, which, to put it mildly, had paid less than needed attention to the needs of its Old World partners.
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  • Date: 29-05-2020, 12:32
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Syria’s authorities took timely measures to stop the spread of coronavirus epidemic. A statement to this effect was made by Russian Ambassador to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva Gennady Gatilov. Gatilov made it clear that the effectiveness of measures taken by the Syrian government had been confirmed by the World Health Organization. For now, Syria has reported only 59 cases of coronavirus infection and only 4 deaths. 
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  • Date: 28-05-2020, 12:58
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Poland has adopted a new National Security Strategy which sets major guidelines for addressing a variety of issues amid the continuing decomposition of the current international order. The Strategy names Russia number one destroyer of well-established international standards which poses a severe threat to the security of Poland. Given the high level of anti-Russian hysteria, this comes as nothing unexpected.​
Further to the points of view undersigned authors expressed nearly two months ago, it is to a deep regret that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) still misses to adopt the much-needed Council Resolution to address the COVID-19 (C-19) pandemic event. This is largely due to the tensions between two of its five permanent members (P5) — the US and China, with Washington wanting to apportion blame or responsibility to China relating to the pandemic, and Beijing rejecting any discussion or reference to it.
Review of the book “Capitalism of crises and revolutions: how formation epochs alternate, new long waves are born, restorations die and neomercantilism advances”. In early September (2019) a monograph by Vasily Koltashov was published dedicated to the nature of economic crises and their impact on the development of mankind.
The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) has held a "COVID-19 Epidemic: Strategies, Trends, and Scenarios of US Foreign Policy" online roundtable dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on US policy, and relations with key partners in the world. Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia, Sergey Ryabkov, emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of many bilateral contacts and earlier-planned conferences, which have been replaced by a growing number of videoconferences and telephone linkups.
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  • Date: 22-05-2020, 11:59
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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author; they do not reflect the author’s employer or any entity whatsoever with which he has been, is now, or will be affiliated. Could it be that the "vaccines" they want to push on us, using the corona pandemic as a pretext, are connected to some kind of a deranged transhumanistic scenario? Apparently, Jeffrey Epstein had a maniacal goal to seed the entire human race with his DNA. If I read between the lines correctly, the fulfilment of this “deed” would take injecting his genetic code into the DNA of every human. ​
All through this unforgettable March, the Corona crisis swept the globe affecting everyone directly and changing the nature of their everyday life. As the streets and squares were turning empty, museums and galleries on all continents - from America to Australia - shut their doors to the public, theatres switched to online-only shows, visual artists did not stop their communication with the real world and its images.
The issue of Kosovo is yet again becoming one of the hottest on the international agenda. While the US administration is set on the early (before the presidential elections in November) signing of an agreement on normalizing relations through territorial exchanges, the European Union leadership, under pressure from Germany, is pursuing their own agenda: a settlement of political crisis in the region and prevention of a new territorial carve-up in the Balkans.
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  • Date: 20-05-2020, 12:11
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