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The convincing victory secured by the ruling Serbian Progressive Party at parliamentary elections on June 21st signifies stabilization of political situation in Serbia and further development of comprehensive cooperation with Russia. The Serbian opposition of both nationalistic and pro-Western orientation chose to boycott the vote.  As a result, only the Serbian Radical Party participated in the elections from the opposition. However, according to the Serbian Election Commission, the 1,58% of votes gained by opposition supporters de facto became a final judgement on Vojislav Šešelj’s brainchild.​
The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is quickly turning into major irritant souring relations between the United States and its European allies. For the first time in the recent history of Euro-Atlantic integration, Germany has made it perfectly clear at the highest level that it could introduce sanctions against Washington and could even persuade its EU and NATO partners to act as a united front against the US. The reason for this is the stubborn desire by the US Congress to slap punitive sanctions on the European participants in the Nord Stream 2 project, including both private companies and government agencies in Germany and other countries.​
The decision by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to hold a national referendum on amendments to the Constitution has evoked a number of logical questions. Why does he take such a decision now? "I have one year and three months to serve as Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, so I would like to hold a referendum within this period", - Abe said. In his opinion, since the Japanese Constitution, which was compiled 70 years ago, does not meet present-day requirements, it has to be changed.
The geopolitical changes currently unfolding in Southeast Asia underscore Malaysia’s strategic importance for the leading world powers. Until recently, the foreign policy pursued by Kuala Lumpur was a relatively restrained one, dictated by the priority of the domestic political agenda, above all the need to politically and economically “cement” the western and eastern parts of the country and the maze of island territories in between, in a bid to stave off the possible rise of secessionist and autonomist sentiment.
Just as Europe and Russia are systematically lifting restrictive measures, the focus of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted to the Western Hemisphere where the situation in many countries of the region remains very serious. In an interview with International Affairs, Russia’s ambassador to Argentina, Dmitry Feoktistov spoke about the way the Russian Federation is now building relations with the Latin American country, which has enacted the most stringent quarantine measures.
The recognition of Ukraine as Enhanced Opportunities Partner is an example of that mix of hard power and soft power that NATO began to develop at the end of the 1990s, i.e. at the end of the so-called “unipolar moment” led by the United States. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of International Institute for Global Analysis Vision & Global Trends Tiberio Graziani.
A conversation provided by the observer of «International Affairs» magazine Sergey Filatov with the President of the Moroccan Committee for Peace and Solidarity with the Peoples of Asia and Africa, Vice-President of AAPSO, Member of the Presidium of the Morocco-Russia friendship Association Mr. Talaa Saoud Al Atlassi
During an online briefing hosted by the international news agency Rossiya Segodnya, Yakov Livne, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the State of Israel to the Russian Federation, the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s First Department of Eurasia, and coordinator for the countries of the former Soviet Union shared his views about Israel’s experience of battling the coronavirus pandemic and about the current state of relations between Israel and Russia.
We bring together scientists from various fields to address the problems of AI's trustworthiness in numerous AI application, ranging from engineering disciplines to medical diagnostics and legal issues. Progress requires a major step-change, along with the holistic approach. The conference will be focused on AI trustworthiness in mathematical modelling (surrogate modelling and hybrid modelling), reinforcement learning, adversarial networks, sustainability of AI, including problems of transfer learning and data fusion, and AI's resilience. AI standardisation, verification, testing, ethical issues, and neuromorphic systems will be a part of the conference's general theme.
One of the recent trends in the United States of late is the spread, along with the coronavirus infection, of the “political virus”, which manifested itself in groundless and mendacious attacks on China. A statement to this effect was made by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi as he addressed a news conference in the aftermath of a session of the National People’s Congress (NPC).