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Many fortresses have collapsed and the invisible enemy has entered everywhere. Indians are at the doorsteps of one of the biggest threats looming. Indian government along with the state governments have announced a 21-days lockdown and requested all the citizens to stay at home, however, few of the essential services like groceries, pharmacies are open. 
​To the date (March 27 at 8:00 p.m.) the total number of infected is 690 with 17 dead and 72 recovered cases. Since March 13 a total quarantine has been established in the country by executive decree of President Alberto Fernández. These measures will be in force until March 31, but the possibility to extent for more days, even weeks the quarantine, cannot be ruled out.​
For the past three days, Russian military transport planes with medical specialists and aid on board have been landing at an air base near Rome to help Italy in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Critics immediately started looking for some ulterior motives behind Moscow’s move, describing it as just a political PR stunt, a demonstration to Europe of the Kremlin’s capabilities and its immunity to a global pandemic, completely oblivious of the fact that this unselfish gesture of goodwill is not the first in the history of Russia’s relations with the West.
The coronavirus pandemic now spreading across the globe has once again raised the eternal question of what to do and who is to blame? Unable to answer the first question, many world leaders are now trying to answer the second, blaming each other for the spread of the virus. The Americans are blaming the Chinese, the Chinese are faulting the Americans, the Americans are pointing a finger at the Europeans, and so on and so forth. Everyone is blaming everyone. We’ve come full circle. We are discussing this whole situation with the Editor-in Chief of International Affairs magazine, Armen Oganesyan. 
Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will hold an extraordinary congress on April 25 to elect its new chairperson, who is almost certain to lead the party to next year’s federal elections to culminate in the election of the country’s new Chancellor in lieu of Angela Merkel, who has already confirmed that she will not be running again. Meanwhile, judging by the current alignment of political forces in Germany, the CDU remains the main candidate for victory, although not as indisputable as it was a year ago.
He admitted that a common coordinating agency to manage the situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus would be set up in Brussels.ROME, March 18./TASS/. A pandemic of the novel coronavirus has demonstrated European Union’s inability to pursue common policy and its incompetence, that will cost the EU the loss of influence, President of Vision & Global Trends Tiberio Graziani told TASS on Wednesday.
"These past weeks have demonstrated to the globe total inadequacy of the EU.​
As Russia discusses amendments to the Constitution, an issue of particular concern has been the amendment that prohibits the alienation of Russian territories. The amendment will likely be put to vote on April 22. It is not surprising that it has evoked interest abroad, especially in Japan, where they still expect to regain control of the so-called "northern territories". Unlike a great number of categorical alarmist comments in the Japanese press on this issue, Sankei Shimbun writes: “The amendment includes the wording “except for cases of demarcation or re-demarcation of borders with neighboring states”. Thus, negotiations on the Japanese "northern territories" can be considered not in conflict with the new Constitution."

With the number of cases of coronavirus spreading in multiple countries around the globe, the outbreak has already been labeled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Global economic relations have been hit hard by the virus, and demands for making the West less dependent on supplies from third countries are getting louder. What impact could the COVID-19 pandemic have on the globalization process?

Poland’s migration policy has undergone a number of changes in recent years. Compared to 2011, when 100 thousand foreigners reportedly lived in Poland, at present their number exceeds one million. Forecasts show that in 2030 the Polish economy will need 1.5 million workers, which represents a serious internal problem for the Polish authorities. The ruling national conservative party, Law and Justice (PiS), relies on the right-wing electorate.
​On February 21 the Islamic Republic of Iran held parliamentary elections to the country’s Majlis, a unicameral parliament known as Majlis of Islamic Council. Simultaneously, it held midterm elections of seven members of the Assembly of Experts. Before analyzing the election outcome, it would be appropriate to say a few words about the peculiarities of the legislative power in the Islamic Republic of Iran.​