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Deborah Scranton (USA), documentary film director, producer, journalist
Jhon Bonar, Westminster Russia Forum, Deputy Chairman
Tom Wan (Hong Kong), Editor-in-chief Glocal HK, member of Global Studies Institute
At a recent UN Security Council meeting on Bosnia and Herzegovina, another biased and false report by the UN High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, caused a negative response from Republika Srpska and Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzya. We discussed this with Milorad Dodik, the leader of the Serbs in Bosnia and a Serbian member of the Presidium of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“The most important thing is that while we enlarge our social circle and involve more subjects into it, we should contribute to trust building, which is now extremely deficient on the international scene, and through it we could move towards mutual understanding. When there is mutual understanding between states and peoples, it will be much easier to seek the best answers to the common urgent challenges the humanity faces. By the same token, of course, we appreciate the increasing contribution to these efforts that is made under the auspices of the Russian Association for International Studies (RISA) Convention”.
Facebook – the largest social network around - is waging a targeted campaign against its Russian pages with foreign audiences. According to Russian experts, Facebook is busy introducing elements of technological censorship, ostensibly to improve platform use algorithms, which primarily impact accounts that belong to Russian media with foreign viewers, public figures, and which enjoy considerable popularity.
Following talks with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized Moscow’s firm belief in the Organization’s unification potential and the need to strengthen its authority. Lavrov also said that Russia wants to see security cooperation not only between OSCE members, but between regional organizations as well.
The controversial decision by the current US administration to withdraw from the INF treaty, as well as its threat to suspend observance of the Open Skies Treaty and the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), has been met with criticism and resistance even in the United States itself. However, opposition  to President Trump’s moves is multi-pronged and pursues goals not necessarily aimed at preserving what has remained of the global security system as some of the "champions of peace" also happen to be the very same "liberal interventionists," who are responsible for many of the armed conflicts happening today.
From 24 to 29 October in Serbia was held joint tactical live-fire exercise with air defence missile units of the Serbian Air Defence units and the Russian Aerospace Forces dubbed “Slavic Shield 2019”. The aim of the exercise was to educate and use the joint group of the Serbian Air Defence and the Russian Aerospace Forces in the air defence of the territory and military forces against reconnaissance and enemy activities from airspace, as well as to training and practicing of commands and units for the preparation and execution of an air defence operation.
The first-ever Russia-Africa summit will be held from 23-24 October in Sochi, Russia, marking the culminating point of the return of Russia to Africa, with more than 50 African leaders and over 3,000 delegates invited. This convening is only another illustration of the recent increase in economic, security, and political engagements to foster Russia-Africa relations.