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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has given an interview to the heads of Russia’s three leading TV channels on Friday. The conversation covered the key events and issues of 2010.

The president’s review of the year, which is now an annual tradition following the first in 2008, is broadcast live by Channel One, Rossiya 1, and NTV.

The last days of 2010 were marked by hot disputes in the US Senate on the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty agreement (START) signed between Russia and the US. On this occasion the commander of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Sergey Karakayev invited reporters to his headquarters in the Vlasikha village and made a number of principal statements.

Considering that the hope to crush the resistance of radical groups in Afghanistan is not materializing while the scheduled withdrawal of the Western coalition from the country is drawing closer, Russia is left with no other option but to take a bigger role in tackling the Afghan and the wider regional problems. A potential strategy in the context is to build a coalition based on the already existing blocs, namely the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Russian president D. Medvedev will visit Delhi on December 21-22. Russia and India share a decades-long record of strategic partnership, and – considering that the relations between the two countries will largely shape the configuration of the emerging post-unipolar world order - the two heavyweights' contacts are drawing attention worldwide.

The Dayton deal between the warring sides in Bosnia and Herzegovina was sealed fifteen years ago, on December 14, 1995. It marked a novel approach to negotiations which is generally credited to US veteran diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke who died this Monday – the opponents stayed locked up until an agreement was reached. NATO launched air raids against the Bosnian Serbs on the eve of the talks, evidently to show them what alternative to embracing Washington's settlement formula they faced.

The collection of US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks includes some 20,000 documents pertaining to Latin America. Roughly 13,000 of them came to the US Department of State from the US embassies in Mexico, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Lima, Santiago de Chile, and Bogota, while the remaining 7,000 originated from Caracas, Quito, La Paz, and Managua. Dates on the majority of the documents fit into the last decade.

The planned December 15 opening of the rouble-yuan trading in Russia is a symbolic and potentially historical event. It reflects tectonic shifts in the world's economy and politics and accordingly promises a transformation of the global financial architecture. At the moment China's contribution to the global economy far exceeds the scope of the yuan international circulation and the Chinese currency's share in national financial reserves.

Back when the NEW START, the ams control treaty currently awaiting ratification by the US Senate, was being put together, Washington attempted to deny the obvious fact that the reduction of strategic nuclear arsenals and the missile defense were interlocking themes. It should be credited entirely to the efforts of the Russian negotiating team that the text of the New Start does reflect the connection.

The 1975 Helsinki Act which became the foundation on which the OSCE was built reflected a compromise between the Western and the Eastern blocs and as such established a fairly incoherent mix of principles in the international relations.

A new escalation took place on the Korean Peninsula. The crisis began to unravel when a US envoy who visited N. Korea stated that up to 2,000 centrifuges were installed at the Yongbyon uranium enrichment facilities. The number, albeit too low to worry that the production of weapons-grade plutonium was on track, resonated with the West's traditionally alarmist perception of any news concerning N. Korea.