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At present, South Africa is the world’s fifth in the number of coronavirus cases. The epidemiological situation in the country continues to deteriorate, as despite a decreasing number of new cases reported daily, the number of tests has decreased as well. On August 2, 2020 the total number of infected exceeded 511,000, with a daily increase staying at 10,000 – 12,000. The death toll exceeds 8,000. Nevertheless, Health Minister Dr. Zweli Mkhize points out that the percentage of recoveries make up 64% – higher than the world average of 58.2%, which does inspire hope.
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  • Date: 7-08-2020, 10:32
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The rapid increase in the proportion of young people in Pacific Island countries is forcing researchers to assess the risks that could bring about demographic shifts in the composition of the Pacific population. This brings to mind the 1988-1998 civil war on Bougainville Island, or the 1998-2003 conflict on the Solomon Islands that socially destitute local youth actively participated in. During the years leading up to the war, 70 percent of Bougainville's population was under the age of 26, and 80 percent between the ages of 12 and 25 had only primary education. Experts confirm that one reason why the conflict on the Solomon Islands has been flaring for so long is the high proportion of unemployed young people there.
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  • Date: 27-07-2020, 11:13
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US President Trump has signed into law a sanctions bill to punish China for the situation in Hong Kong, and an executive order that strips trade privileges from China’s special administrative region in what can be regarded as the start of a "sanctions war" around Hong Kong with unpredictable consequences. The decree lays out a raft of tough measures, and to put it into effect Trump used the same tactic as the one he applied when preparing his earlier decree on the construction of the wall along the Mexican border: the introduction of a state of emergency.
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  • Date: 24-07-2020, 16:12
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​An American initiative known as Indo-Pacific Partnership which was put forward at the end of 2017, has been the subject of heated discussions of late. Unlike before, when it was deemed a general idea, now, it appears that the Trump administration has resolved to provide it with a specific meaning. Testifying to this is a statement made by defense ministers of the USA, Japan and Australia which was adopted following their meeting in Washington.
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  • Date: 18-07-2020, 15:50
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Germany’s presidency in the European Union, which began on July 1st, may stimulate the EU into re-evaluating its role in world affairs and could encourage it to streamline relations with Russia. The key factor contributing to this is the traditionally productive trade, economic and energy cooperation between Moscow and Berlin, and the recent move towards a deterioration of Germany-US relations, a trend which is set to intensify as the November presidential elections in the US draw nearer.​
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  • Date: 15-07-2020, 00:18
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​On July 1st leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran gathered for the next summit on Syrian settlement. Given the pandemic, the summit was held on-line, in the format of a video conference. In their closing statement the leaders of the three countries – Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rouhani and Recep Tayyip Erdogan – underscored the importance of complying with the principles of sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and condemned any attempts to create “a new reality, …..including illegal initiatives to establish self-rule” in some areas, namely, in the territory off the Euphrates River.​
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  • Date: 13-07-2020, 11:38
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According to Euronews, the EU-China online summit of June 22 "was held in a tense atmosphere." The EU has toughened its position on trade negotiations with Beijing, but observers note that Brussels continues to stay clear of the ongoing trade war between the US and the People’s Republic. Meanwhile, just as President Trump talks about "breaking ties" with the Celestial Empire, the United States is pulling out of OECD-organized negotiations over an international tax on digital companies above a certain revenue threshold.
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  • Date: 6-07-2020, 17:03
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Secessionist tendencies in Indonesia’s province of West Papua have recently been attracting a great deal of attention from experts and human rights activists. The main reason for the international criticism of the Indonesian authorities is human rights violations and the suppression of the fundamental freedoms of the indigenous people of West Papua. In 2018, the United Nations even sent to Jakarta a report on this subject filed by its Special Rapporteurs. In 2019, the UN once again voiced its concern about the Indonesian authorities’ violent crackdown on the Papuans. Jakarta, however, insists that security forces act strictly in line with the law.
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  • Date: 2-07-2020, 10:36
  • Views: 380
“I can say with confidence that the traditional friendship between India & Russia remain strong. Our mutual interests are solid and we look to future cooperation in the spirit of our special friendship.” The above are the words of Indian Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, during his visit to attend Victory Day Parade at Moscow, Russia. In this, he was referring not only to the warm hospitality he received at Moscow but the long traditional ties between Russia & India. 
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  • Date: 27-06-2020, 20:04
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​Observers worldwide signal a rapid deterioration of relations between two Koreas which began on June 9th, after North Korea’s authorities discontinued contacts with South Korea over the anti-Pyongyang leaflets circulated by North Korean defectors. While Seoul has announced readiness to take measures, the other party chose to ignore the announcement.​
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  • Date: 24-06-2020, 15:59
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