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Speech of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the meeting with members of the International Coordinating Committee of Russian Nationals, Moscow, 9 April 2013

9-04-2013, 16:29


Dear members of the Coordinating Committee,


We are glad to continue a good tradition of our meetings in the Reception House of the Russian Foreign Ministry of Russia. The Government of the Russian Federation pays a lot of attention to the work with nationals and the task of interaction with them, support of their efforts on preserving ethnic and cultural distinctiveness, protection of their rights and legal interests in countries of their residence. These tasks are confirmed as priorities in the Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation approved by the President Vladimir Putin in 12 February 2013.

I met the majority of you last October in Saint Petersburg at the International Congress of Nationals, where results of its active work in the last years in consolidating links of Russia with the foreign community, increase of its role, impact in countries of residence, securing their rights, we summarized. Key lines of work for the nearest years and in prospect were determined at the Congress. Based on results of the forum the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gave orders to the Government, federal executive authorities, and local governments for the implementation of propositions set forth in the final document. Within the framework of the Government Commission for Affairs of Nationals Abroad we coordinate works to implement orders of the President.

On 25 March we conducted the first session of the Commission this year. The main item of agenda was the task of extending the possibilities for nationals to get education in their mother tongue. This is one of the most important lines of cooperation with the Russian expatriate community.

Currently the preparation of a draft state concept of support of Russian abroad, as well as a draft of the state concept “Russian School Abroad” is at their final stage. Propositions were prepared that will be implemented for the purposes of development of distant education in Russian, starting from nationals living in territories of CIS countries.

We are planning to extend skills development and vocational programs for teachers of foreign education institutions providing education in Russian, we continue the work on the development of mutual projects with other countries of universities, related to opening branches of Russian higher education institutions abroad.

We seriously considered the state of affairs with the selection and enrolment of nationals into Russian higher education establishments for studying for budget funds and implemented important adjustments into the mechanism of such selection, so that it is more transparent and to involve coordinating committees of nationals in the countries concerned into this work.

The Fund to Support and Protect the Rights of Compatriots Living Abroad started to work actively – and it seems important for us. The work for creation of the network of centres of legal protection in countries with the most serious problems is being performed. Partners of the Fund are structures recommended, including by Russian Embassies and coordination committees in the countries concerned. Nationals are informed about the actual legal situation in this or that country. The same data are transferred to the authorities concerned the countries of residence of nationals, when problems occur.

The fund pays a lot of attention to the level of legal literacy of nationals, teaching leaders of their youth organizations activity concerning human rights so that within the framework of the laws applicable in countries of their residence and must certainly be observed, could defend their rights and to solve occurring problems. Paying attention to this the Fund prepared a valuable material on main lines of monitoring of the situation with nationals in individual countries. The Head of the Fund Igor Panevkin gave an extended interview about this topic recently.

The program of work with nationals for 2012-2014 is being implemented. We pay special attention to the support of measures for preservation of national and cultural traditions, printed and Internet resources of organization of nationals, work with youths. We intend to continue the practice of sending to Russian embassies and other foreign institutions sets of “national’s libraries” for their transfer to coordinating committees.

A range of large events with participation of representatives of foreign Russian communities are planned to be conducted this year. At the end of April the International Youth Forum devoted to the summer Global Universiade in Kazan and Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in next year will be held. Young representative of the expatriate community have much interest to the pilot project “Young Leader’s School”, study tours in Russia. We try to actively develop all of this, to extend such programs in close “cooperation” with Rossotrudnichestvo. In October, in coordination with you, we are planning to hold the Global thematic conferences with the topic “Nationals and their contribution to the world culture”.

I will be glad to learn about your considerations, including those summarizing the session of the Coordinating Committee. We will agree together how to cooperate so that you live more comfortably in countries from which you came from.

As far as I know, the topic of the organization of collection of funds for erecting a monument to Russian warriors who fell in years of the First World War in Moscow. We will be ready to actively participate in this work.



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