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November 20, 2010 is the 65th anniversary of the Nuremberg Trial, which took 11 months and ended with death sentences to 12 key Nazi war criminals. Thoroughly studied by historians, the Trial nevertheless remains terra incognita in some aspects, and its perception is heavily burdened with stereotypes. For example, these days it is not widely known that the Nuremberg Trial was a Soviet initiative which met with Western opposition.

The UN celebrated its 64th anniversary on October 24, 2010. Over the epoch of its existence, the UN established itself as the modern world's main international organization guaranteeing key international agreements and serving as a framework for a number of highly efficient international forums such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the World Health Organization, the Universal Postal Union, the International Maritime Organization, the International Civil Aviation Organization, etc.

A new international anti-piracy plan proposed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was discussed on August 25. Russia is suggesting the establishment of an intentional court to try pirates, and the UN Secretary General offers several anti-piracy options: