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An election campaign Moldova has been witnessing as it prepares to vote for a new parliament on 28 November has turned to be rather tense, partly because of the West's meddling into the process.

The campaign had just begun when twenty-seven foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) paid their visits to Moldova to praise efforts made by the ruling four-party Alliance for European Integration (AEI).

Since the Alliance for European Integration (AEI) came to power in Moldova the country’s raprochement with neigbouring Romania has speeded up. Bucharest has intensified the promotion of its interests in the republic of Moldova (RM) and expanded its presence not only in the mass media and non-governmental organizations but also in the state agencies of Moldova while receiving support from the US.

No doubt, 2010 has been a watershed year in Eurasian geopolitics. Favorable economic conditions helped Russia achieve serious political gains, though, in fact, the basis for some of the ongoing geopolitical transformations emerged in 2008 when Georgia lost the Five Day War. Georgia's defeat and the advent of pro-Russian Yanukovich in Kyiv meant the end of the NATO expansion east and the reestablishment of Russian gas transit across Ukraine.