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Public Diplomacy In Life

1-09-2010, 14:00



Kondopoga prepares for the International cooperation and national diplomacy as a civil society and territory development factor international conference to be held on September 3 and 4 to generalize experience of cooperation between the friendship societies and foreign countries (Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Russia), strengthening of their role in development of international cooperation, territories and civil society and organized at the support of Kondopoga metropolitan region Administration and the Government of Karelia by the Karelia-Norway republican friendship movement, the Kondopoga – Herrliberg Friendship Society local territorial public organization, international partner friendship organizations.

The Karelia-Norway republican friendship movement has been successfully developing international cooperation for 15 years organizing various cultural activities related to memorial dates, festivals, supporting active work with war veterans, promoting Norwegian language. Youth international club Solveig implements projects in the student's environment to promote Norwegian culture and traditions, supports charities and volunteerism.

The Kondopoga – Herrliberg Friendship Society local territorial public organization was founded 12 years ago. Since then it has been implemented more than 79 projects in spheres of education, medicine, culture. Exchange of experts in the field of medicine, culture, education of the two towns is supported. Towns of Karelia also support friendly relations with the neighboring Finland.

It is no mere chance Kondopoga was chosen a venue for such event, as in the past three years some public and youth movement boom was observed in the town, volunteerism develops, new projects in the sphere of interethnic relations, in civil society development, strengthening of peace and friendship are implemented, the number of public organizations has grown essentially, festivals of nongovernmental organizations, of national cultures of people living in the Kondopoga region, festivals of the Sacred music, bright youth forums and folklore holidays are held.

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