A ‘Far-left goofiness’ VS ‘Good old’ America

10:04 08.01.2024 •

The white group Patriot Front show at a March in Washington, D.C.

As we survey the American landscape, we cannot help but notice that just about everything has been corrupted by the left, cries ‘The American Thinker’.

The justice system has been corrupted by partisan politics to the point where Republicans and conservatives are persecuted and prosecuted at a level far higher than anyone else. We on the right can reliably depend on being prosecuted for “misgendering,” contributing to conservative causes, being a Christian or a Jew, speaking out against the barbaric transing of children, defending ourselves with a firearm, and not being a Democrat. We can depend upon getting arrested for protesting peacefully as the corrupt “Justice” Department singles us out for jail, bankruptcy, or keeping us off election ballots, while really destructive rioters go free.

Elections have been corrupted. Mail-in ballots, demonstrated to be extremely susceptible to fraudulent inflation of Democrat votes, are ready for the next fraud. Dead people vote; people vote multiple times; non-residents vote in other states; and phony ballots are printed and signed with the same handwriting, then run through counting machines multiple times. Computer problems pop up so as to skew the vote.

The American standard of living has been corrupted. We like our gas cars, our gas stoves, our air-conditioning, our steaks and chops, and our suburban life. Enjoyment is forbidden. So is comfort. And so these things must go in order to satisfy the WEF and the American Marxists’ lust for revenge and degradation of our standard of living because... climate change.

Media have been corrupted. Most so-called mainstream media are arms of the Democrat party, flooded with leftists of the most extreme kind. Every “news” show is not news — it’s opinion about what horrific things Trump would do if elected. “News” programs have become an arm of the Education Department, flooding the zone with far-left goofiness.

Entertainment has been corrupted. Disney, Netflix, and other entertainment outlets have taken innocent stories and rewritten them to snatch fantasy away from young people and in its place insert some sort of sexual deviancy. There is no place for childhood anymore. The woke broke entertainment, and I cannot see it coming together without a serious cultural reversal.

The workplace has been corrupted. DIE, thankfully on its way out, has made the workplace hostile, incompetent, and unproductive. In the guise of righting racial wrongs (whatever they are), departments of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (which are none of the above) have pocked the job landscape in order to emphasize group identity rather than skill and talent. As a result, the work product across the board in America is degraded, and the least talented get the jobs because... racism, sexism, and misgendering. 

The border has been corrupted. Almost ten million illegal entrants have come across our borders, bringing terrorists, sex-traffickers, and criminals. It’s proving to be overwhelming to the cities where they squat, and it must stop. Are we waiting for a massive cyber-attack? This administration is almost single-handedly destroying our sovereignty. Thanks, Joe.

Information has been corrupted. An internet search using almost all search engines brings up the most liberal leftist hits first, leaving the more intelligent pages and studies done by conservatives to be sought out if you’re lucky.

Race relations have been corrupted. Beginning with Barack Obama’s “the police acted stupidly” and moving on to the lionizing of criminal George Floyd, to the 2020 “mostly peaceful” riots, to cashless bail, to corrupt D.A.s in blue cities, race relations have gotten much, much worse.

Sexuality has been corrupted.  Men claim to be women and vice versa.  Drag queens set the kiddie agenda in schools, and transsexuality has become epidemic, although de-transitioners are becoming more noticeable these days. Meanwhile, young lives have been ruined because of this fad.

We’ve had enough time to assess the damage the left has done, and we abhor it. We will rise up.


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