A top-secret Russian electronic warfare system to spark chaos in Europe? No, it’s defensive

12:10 06.02.2024 •

The weapon has reportedly been jamming GPS technology on flights and ships across the eastern flank of NATO, causing severe disruption, writes London press with a sign of nervousness.

A surge in disruption to the GPS guiding system for air and sea traffic has been detected in Finland, the Baltic nations and Poland, Estonian military chief Martin Harem told The Telegraph.

"What we have seen is a malfunctioning of GPS for ships and air traffic," he said.

"And we really do not know if they [Russia] want to achieve something or just practise and test their equipment."

Estonia is the first Nato country to call out the Kremlin over the disruption.

The electronic warfare system is said to be based in Kaliningrad – where Putin made a recent visit in a chilling taunt to the West.

The secret weapon transmits signals on the same frequency as the satellite, which prevents connected devices from receiving the legitimate signal, reports the Washington Post.

Electronic warfare expert Dr Thomas Withington said the dish can be directed to disrupt GPS signals.

He argued that the system is rather defensive in nature - and is being used as a "invisible" shield against multiple directions – which could be key to protect Kaliningrad as well as Russia from potential incoming missiles. NATO's arsenal of satellite-guided missile systems.

"This may surprise some people but I think, ostensibly, it’s defensive," he told The Telegraph….


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