Agoravox forum: ‘Russia have finally engaged the battle against Evil’

11:42 02.02.2023 •

This is the opinion of one of the authors of the ‘Agoravox forum’, who expressed the concerns of those Frenchmen with whom he discussed this issue in forum-site: “Pourquoi les États-Unis et l'Europe, après que soit revenue la paix en Ukraine, auront tout autant d'intérêt à se rapprocher de la Russie?” (“Why will the United States and Europe, after peace has returned to Ukraine, have just as much interest in getting closer to Russia?”):

“I firmly believe that the leaders of Russia have finally engaged (after much hesitation) the final battle against Evil.

Evil left them no choice.

The Russians know that they cannot stop at the Ukrainian border, because wounded Evil will continue its attempts to destroy Russia (and China, Iran etc) as long as it has the chance.

The Russians are not in a great hurry, because they will therefore have to openly attack the NATO coalition. And it will be double or quits. Better to think about it well and only attack for sure.

The Russians will not impose a peace treaty. There can be no peace with absolute Evil.

They will have to, whatever the cost, destroy the coalition down to its toilet.

The Russians will finally have to organize a very long and very severe military occupation in Europe. They do not have enough soldiers for that. I believe that could be entrusted to China.

If all goes well, very gradual return to multipolarity.

If they prove too weak, they know they will have to start again before the end of the century.

It will be long and expensive, but there is no other solution.”


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