Al-Ahram: "Democracy" has become a Trojan horse for violent regime change

10:37 12.03.2023 •

In December 2008, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, US President George W. Bush called President-elect Barack Obama and said he wanted him to meet with the director of the Central Intelligence Agency to brief on the agency's plans around the world. He made it clear that, given the extreme secrecy of these plans, he hopes that Obama will not bring more than one of his aides with him to interviews.

Michael Hayden, director of the agency, traveled to Chicago, Barack Obama's campaign headquarters, and the meeting took place. Obama was accompanied by Leon Panetta, who later served during Obama's two terms in the White House (2009-2017) as Director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense. Hayden explained that the agency plans to begin the process of regime change in a number of countries, and also has plans to spread instability in other countries.

Between January 25 and February 11, 2011, America played a tangible role in driving the 2011 ‘color revolutions’, not only in Egypt, but in all the Arab countries caught in the Arab Spring whirlwind. Together with NATO, the United States organized a military attack on Libya in 2011, which led to its destruction.

In 2014, mass demonstrations took place in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv against the pro-Russian regime. The crowd gathered in the center of the capital on the main square, and the American and Western media compared it to the demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square in January and February 2011. What is striking is that both there and there, weapons were used against police forces by unknown elements. These demonstrations led to the fall of Mubarak in Egypt and Yanukovych in Kyiv.

In both cases – the Arab Spring and the regime change in Ukraine in 2014 – the slogan was the same: “democracy”.

Nobody disputes the importance of democracy as a system of government. But acting under the slogan of "democracy" provides opportunities for those people in the US who are interested in changing governments "without outside interference." These people will not hesitate to take down regular governments by force, as happened in Libya, or try to achieve this in another way, as in Syria. But in any case, "democracy" has become a Trojan horse for violent regime change in American and Western political interests. This is a very dangerous business for the security and stability of societies and countries, stresses Al-Ahram.


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