‘Al-Watan’: The Asian and Arab nations expect the best from the resurrection of the "Chinese dragon"

10:40 28.06.2023 •

Many states are joining Russia and China (PRC) in the fight for a just world because they are tired of the unilateral domination of the United States and its interventions, the Syrian newspaper ‘Al-Watan’ writes.

For decades, distant from the world and its complex problems, China has worked hard to strengthen its own capabilities and succeeded in realizing grandiose plans. China stimulated the sustainable development of the country, strengthened the economy, achieved self-sufficiency, provided health care, increased the level of literacy of the population and achieved success in eradicating poverty. This leads to the improvement of the society of one billion four hundred million Chinese citizens.

Throughout this period, Beijing worked in absolute silence and complete calm, guided by the principle of "work silently and do not shout about your capabilities," and adhered to an approach of positive neutrality. China has avoided plunging into regional crises and has not taken any positions that would require it to pay a price in politics and economics. The Western world believed that China had become a nation that only cared about its own affairs.

Today, the PRC appears in a completely different way than it did in the past. We can say that China has decided to move away from the above approach and to develop the foundations of a New World Order. The PRC is no longer just a market for goods, but has become the owner of a huge military force – an army of 2.695 million troops – that can withstand any American intervention.

There is no doubt that China has begun to strengthen its position in regions that have been a zone of American strategic influence, such as the Middle East and Africa. Beijing has succeeded in negotiating an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and has also recently offered to become a patron in resolving the Palestinian issue based on the 2002 Arab Initiative. Thus, Beijing sent important political and economic messages to all countries in several directions, expressing its intention to actively contribute to the creation of a new world order.

On the other hand, the United States secured a decision at the G7 summit that obliges G7 members to diversify their economies and reduce dependence on China. The PRC's response was to open up the possibility for 13 countries to join the BRICS group and create the BRICS+ group based on the experience of OPEC+, which today controls 60% of world oil production.

It goes without saying that the United States is constantly trying to contain China's economic and political resurgence, but its success in building BRICS+ is dangerous for America. America wants to contain Beijing and prevent progress towards a new polycentric world.

There is a saying in America and Western countries: "The world will tremble at the awakening of the Chinese dragon." But the undeniable fact is that the world, where "the awakening of the Chinese dragon is trembling," consists of states that, by robbery and force, took away the wealth and rights of the peoples of developing countries for many centuries.

This is, first of all, America itself, which has risen on the shoulders of colonialism and dominance over most of the world's energy sources. America, which contributed to the overthrow of opposition regimes, took away the wealth of other states and monopolized scientific competencies. It is one of the countries seeking to renew the authoritarian Western colonial system in one form or another in order to prevent the creation of a multipolar world order based on social justice, development and mutual benefit.

Since China has committed no crimes against humanity and is free from conspiracies to overthrow the government, is innocent of any colonialism, and has never been involved in the plundering of the wealth of any country, we can see the cause of the fear and horror that reigns in America and the West from – for the emergence of China in the international arena in a new role.

The oppressed Asian and Arab peoples expect the best from the resurrection of the "Chinese dragon" and from the return of Beijing to the international arena, because they see the experience of the PRC as a fair guide to guarantee their rights. It is a model that ensures mutual benefit and equity.

If China has succeeded in becoming a nation with advanced technologies and long-standing scientific, economic and administrative institutions that have surpassed those of developed countries, it is natural that the Chinese experience will become a strong source of inspiration for the peoples of other states.

The Western experience stemmed from a colonial, imperialist and racist heritage that closed the path to development for humanity. The Western experience is invasions, wars, expulsions, plunder, impoverishment, blockades, sanctions and discriminatory measures against many peoples. In the Arab region, this led to the fact that we got our society, which is torn apart – all our historical, social, cultural and civilizational ties and relationships have changed in accordance with outdated colonial concepts that have been planted on the maps of our countries.

The number of applications for countries to join the BRICS+ and SCO has exceeded all expectations, and all this is due to the absolute trust of these states in China. The fact is that Beijing wants to create huge political and economic alliances that are beneficial to the whole world. He wants to play the role of a qualified observer for the implementation of the decisions of the Security Council and the United Nations.

The creation of the New Development Bank, which is headed by former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, is clear evidence that the world, which seeks liberation from American hegemony, from the power of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, trusts the PRC.

It also proves that China and Russia will lead the establishment of a new world order that will ensure equality and justice for all countries.


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