Ambassador Antonov: ‘Nuclear Armageddon looms more and more clearly’

12:05 23.03.2023 •

Photo: RIA Novosti

Anatoly Antonov, Russia Ambassador to USA, answered for a press-question: “How would you comment on the administration's statements that depleted uranium ammunition is a common type of weapon that has been used for several decades and does not pose an increased danger?”

Anatoly Antonov emphasized: “It is really difficult to comment on this kind of nonsense. U.S. officials have hit a new low with their irresponsible statements.

There is an endless flow of deadly weapons streaming to Ukraine by which civilians, residential areas, schools, hospitals, kindergartens are being destroyed. But even this is not enough for Western villains. Now, apparently, they want to supply depleted uranium shells to the Kiev Nazis!

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the negative consequences of the use of such ammunition have been repeatedly confirmed by Western media. If you don't want to believe us, look at the reports of European journalists.

I want to remind you that when using this kind of ammunition radioactive dust settles on the ground - it is extremely toxic and cannot be decontaminated. Such substances cause outbreaks of cancer. The Americans are well aware of this, because they have already used these weapons in Iraq and Yugoslavia. The victims suffered from deadly ailments, and their children were born with congenital defects.

It seems that the enlightened West, led by Washington, has irrevocably decided to bring humanity to a dangerous line, beyond which nuclear Armageddon looms more and more clearly.”


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