Ambassador Antonov on the US administration's reaction to the Kiev regime's terrorist attack on the Kremlin

10:20 05.05.2023 •

Photo: Business insider

Ambassador Antonov expressed his point on the US Administration's reaction to the Kiev regime's terrorist attack on the Kremlin:

“The statements by Washington's official representatives are striking in their cynicism and absurdity. The U.S. did not find it possible to recognize the obvious thing – it was a terrorist action planned by the Zelensky regime and an assassination attempt targeting the President of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the timing was not chosen by chance – ahead of Victory Day and the May 9 Parade, where foreign guests are planned to take part in.

“The theses that this act of terrorism was allegedly a "false flag operation" are blasphemous and deceitful. That is, it was Russia itself that staged a provocation against the heart of our statehood?!

“We hoped that the Administration would have the guts and dignity to condemn this terrorist act. The world remembers how, in 2001, the Russian President was the first to lend a helping hand to the American people, who were then subjected to the terrorist attack. Everything is forgotten. Today the United States is shielding the Kiev criminals. The statements of high-ranking officials that Kiev can choose how to defend itself are the textbook example of double standards, a policy of encouraging the Zelensky regime to attack the Russian Federation. The words of the bureaucrats about allegedly deterring the Kiev Nazi regime from hitting targets outside its borders are a false farce.

“How would Americans react if a drone hit the White House, the Capitol or the Pentagon? The answer is obvious for any politician as well as for an average citizen: the punishment will be harsh and inevitable.

Russia will respond to this insolent and presumptuous terrorist attack. We will answer when we consider it necessary. We will answer in accordance with the assessments of the threat that Kiev posed to the leadership of our country.

“The atrocities of the Zelensky regime and the indulgence of it by the West only testify to the fact that our adversaries have no desire to seek peace, to save thousands of lives of ordinary Ukrainians. “Definitely, we will take this circumstance into account while working out our strategy to implement the goals and objectives of the special military operation.”


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