Apocalypse of Our Time: Servants of the Devil Before the Court of History

23:59 02.07.2024 • Konstantin Dolgov , Chief Researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy)

The first two articles of the cycle, “Apocalypse of Our Time: The Face and the Underbelly of Western Culture and Civilization” and “Apocalypse of Our Time: Alter Ego of the Third Reich,” appeared in International Affairs Vol. 69, No. 6 (2023), pp. 30-57. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Yelena Starikova, Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor, Department of English Language, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, for her great help with this article.

Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay each one for what he has done. The Revelation to St. John (22:12)

I FINISHED writing this work, logically expressed in three parts in terms of content and problems, but in its essence and spirit organically representing a single whole, on June 22, 2023 – the date of the anniversary of the attack of fascist Germany on my homeland, the Soviet Union. That day has remained in my memory all my life. I was in bed in a hospital ward with other children, and suddenly we saw all the medical staff running out of the hospital building into the courtyard, to the loudspeaker. We children rushed out after the adults. Vyacheslav Molotov was speaking on the radio. He reported the treacherous attack of fascist Germany on our country. The last words of his speech, “Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours!” evoked neither applause nor cheers, but rather there was a heavy, oppressive silence, and then the crying and sobbing of women, piercing with pain and horror. The men stood silent, frowning. Only after about 15 or 20 minutes did people begin to disperse. The next day, squads of mobilized men – young, healthy, cheerful, handsome men – began to pass by the hospital to the station. They did not know, and could not yet know, what a long, difficult, tragic, and heroic journey they would have to make to finish off the fascist beast in its lair and hoist the sacred Banner of Victory over the Reichstag. This day has become a day of remembrance and sorrow for each of us and for our entire nation. Could anyone have foreseen or predicted that so many years after the end of the Great Patriotic War we would again be defending our homeland from fascist invaders and that our heroic soldiers would destroy enemy tanks bearing German crosses in the same places where our grandfathers, fathers, and brothers once fought?! Perhaps this article on fascism will be my most modest but sincere contribution to our inevitable coming Victory, which is determined by the logic of History itself. There is no other way!

* * *

IT IS difficult to imagine the number of lives lost in the more than 200 wars and armed conflicts unleashed by the US during its brief historical existence. In his Message to the Russian Federal Assembly of February 21, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered compelling examples of monstrous effects of America’s policy: “According to US experts, almost 900,000 people were killed during wars unleashed by the United States after 2001, and over 38 million became refugees. Please note, we did not invent these statistics; it is the Americans who are providing them. They are now simply trying to erase all this from the memory of humankind, and they are pretending that all this never happened. However, no one in the world has forgotten this or will ever forget it.”1 In one of his interviews, prominent American scholar and public figure Noam Chomsky said: “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.”2

Last year I wrote about the beginning of the end of the US as a racist, nationalistic, militarist, and terrorist state and the source of all evil in the world.3 Many peoples across the world have grasped the truth and are talking about an impending end. Indeed, while several decades ago people generally believed that the US and NATO (an illegal organization that according to an agreement between the US and USSR should have been disbanded together with the Warsaw Treaty Organization) brought peace, democracy, and freedom, today even the closest allies (de facto colonies) of the US, by which I mean practically all EU countries, have finally realized that the hegemon has ruined their economies and created insoluble problems.

Why? Because, as President Putin has pointed out, the US is determined to continue robbing the peoples of the world, get hold of trillions of dollars, and remain the hegemon that determines the foreign and domestic policies of the whole world. How did it get the right to rule the world? It is selfimposed. The US merely disregards all international treaties and coalitions. Did this happen because the American ruling class was much wiser than others, better educated, and more cultured? No, the opposite is true: The members of the American ruling class are generally less educated, less knowledgeable, and less cultured than the elites – a popular term these days – of other countries. They are more impudent, deceitful, and shameless. They have no principles and, therefore, no bounds.

While the ruling circles of fascist Germany were convinced that they as the master race could enslave or even destroy, totally or partially, other peoples (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, and others), America’s leaders have boldly declared that they may not only enslave other peoples but destroy them if they do not submit to their will.

Here are several well-known statements related to Russia made by prominent figures that should be remembered by those whose memory is short and mind shattered.

Henry Kissinger once said: “The collapse of the Soviet Union is, without a doubt, the most important event of our time.... I will prefer chaos and civil war in Russia to the tendency to reunite it into a single, strong, centralized state.” John Major, for his part, was convinced that “after the defeat in the Cold War, Russia’s task is to provide the successful countries with resources, but for this, they need only 50-60 million people.” Margaret Thatcher was even more outspoken: “The life of 15 million people who would serve the wells and mines is economically justified on the territory of Russia.” Zbigniew Brzezinski was not far behind: “The fewer people there are in the territory of the former Soviet Union, the easier it will be for the West to absorb it. Slavs – Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians – are the most rebellious peoples in the world. They can be destroyed but not conquered. This is why this seed is subject to elimination.… Hitler was a stupid boy. He acted openly. We won’t have a trace.” George Soros said: “We need Ukraine as a torpedo in the war with Russia. The fate of the citizens of this country is of no concern to us at all.”* (*The quotes from Kissinger, Major, Thatcher, Brzezinski, and Soros are based on statements made by political scientist Sergey Mikheyev in a Radio Vesti broadcast and later included in an article published on October 23, 2022, for the media outlet Georgia and the World (http://geworld.ge/ge/chven-ukraina-torpedod/?fbclid=IwAR0sy3ftohHUPm1VbM2jF74 5WDRYnpf2RmTxF_y4sRzELU5V8kJt2VXIeac.). – Trans.)

Russophobia is a fascist ideology – a collection of the most repulsive, inhuman ideas and concepts of racists, neo-Nazis, terrorists, and extreme fascists. It is ridiculous in its extremes. For example, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced with a great deal of shamelessness and arrogance that he could not be in the same room with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Indeed, Blinken’s manners and educational and cultural level do not allow him to be in the same room with Lavrov, an outstanding diplomat of our time, a brilliantly educated and perfectly mannered person. When I was in the US, I saw for myself how Lavrov, then Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, was deeply respected by his own colleagues as well as scholars and cultural and political figures of the US and other countries. I have known him personally for decades and consider him an extremely interesting and very knowledgeable person and a very remarkable and extraordinary individual. But I have never heard any compliments about Biden, Blinken, or members of their close circle.

Americans consistently accuse Russia of aggression and all other sins. They never hesitate to tell lies and distort realities while consistently ignoring their own country as a true aggressor. They were the ones who in 2014 organized a fascist coup in Ukraine and replaced its elected president with a puppet. They then started pouring weapons and armaments into Ukraine and preparing it for hostilities with Russia. It is no wonder that all attempts by the Russian leaders to resolve the problems at the negotiation table failed. It is now obvious to everyone that the Minsk agreements were a smokescreen designed to buy time to prepare Ukraine for war with Russia, and US and European leaders have acknowledged this. The latest US act of terror was the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline, which the Americans are seeking to blame on Ukraine or any other force. In fact, there is no doubt that the US was responsible. The masks are off.

In effect, a war is being waged against Russia involving not just the US and the EU but Slavic countries with close historical ties with Russia. The ruling elite of these countries – puppets who ignore the interests of their peoples – have pushed them down the perilous path of war against a historically close and friendly country to fight for the interests of others. How pathetic.

When writing about the history of relations between Russia and the Slavic countries, it is helpful to turn to certain ideas and thoughts of Fyodor Dostoevsky, who knew Russia in a way that perhaps no other Russian writer and not even every ordinary Russian peasant knew it. His knowledge of European peoples, their nature, customs, feelings, and thoughts was equally comprehensive. His descriptions of the common Russian are amazingly profound, shrewd, and foresighted:

The Russian nation is a new and wonderful phenomenon in the history of mankind. The character of the Russian people differs to such a degree from that of other Europeans that their neighbors find it impossible to diagnose them or they diagnose them all wrong.… In the Russian person one can see the fullest capacity for the most sensible self-criticism, the soberest self-assessment without self-exaltation that infringes on the freedom of action. Here I am talking about the Russian people in general, collectively as a nation.4

At the same time, Dostoevsky does not at all idealize Russians. He plumbs the deepest layers of the national character that indeed are not yet completely clear, understandable, and open even to Russians themselves. As for foreigners – Englishmen, Germans, French, Americans, etc. – they probably never understood Russians or Russia: “The Russian spirit, unity – all this exists and will endure, and it will be so strong, it will have such wholeness and sacredness that even we are impotent to fathom the whole depth of that force, to say nothing of foreigners.… Nine-tenths of our strength consists just in the fact that foreigners do not understand and never will understand the depth and power of our unity.”5

And more: “It is difficult to conceive to what extent she is afraid of us. And if she is afraid of us, she must be hating us. Europe has always extraordinarily disliked us; she never did like us; she never regarded us as one of her own – as Europeans – but always has viewed us as disagreeable strangers.”6

In politics, Europeans invariably relied on hard power and weapons, yet “they do not comprehend and know that, if it be our will, neither the Jews of all Europe nor the millions of their gold – not even the millions of their armies, can conquer us; that if it be our will, it is impossible to compel us to do something we do not wish, and that there is no such power on earth which could compel us.”7 Unfortunately, Europeans are too biased, shameless, and arrogant to acquire a different, true understanding of Russia and Russians.

Russians have been persistently amazed by the rank ingratitude of our Slavic brothers, be it the Bulgarians, Slovaks, Czechs, or the Poles, who after being saved by Russia from existential threats moved away from it and toward the European powers. Convinced of their Europeanism, they tried by hook or by crook to join the family of European peoples. A fairly well-known example is that Russia started a war with Turkey to save Bulgaria and its people from total extermination.

This brings to mind discussions at a conference in Sofia and the peremptory statement of a well-known Bulgarian academician who said that the Russian Empire had had no humanitarian aims but had merely consolidated its imperial positions. In my response to this pharisaical statement, I did not beat about the bush: Russia has at all times respected and loved the Bulgarians, whom it saved from enslavement and annihilation by the lives of its soldiers. This recalls what Konstantin Leontiev, the outstanding Russian diplomat, thinker and writer, said about the heated discussions stirred up by Russia’s desire to defend the Bulgarians. Fully aware that after the war Bulgaria would move closer to Europe, he defined these passions as “Bulgaro-madness.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote the following about the Slavic world:

Russia has never had such haters, enviers, calumniators and even open enemies as she will have in these Slavic tribes – just as soon as Russia has liberated them and Europe has consented to recognize their liberation!... I repeat: they will start their new life by soliciting from Europe, from England and Germany, for example, a guaranty and protectorate of their freedom. And even though Russia also participates in the concert of the European powers, nevertheless they will act this way for protection against Russia. To begin with, they will unfailingly announce to themselves and convince themselves – tacitly if not aloud – that they owe Russia no gratitude whatever; that, on the contrary, at the time of the conclusion of the peace, they barely saved their skins from Russia’s ambitions by the intervention of the European concert, and, had Europe not intervened, Russia, having taken them away from the Turks, would have promptly swallowed them “with a view to expanding her borders and creating a great Pan-Slavic Empire in order to make the Slavs slaves of the greedy, cunning and barbaric Great Russian race.”…

Perhaps, during a whole century, or even longer, they will unceasingly tremble for their freedom and fear Russia’s ambitions. They will ask favors of the European states; they will calumniate Russia, gossip about her and intrigue against her….

The liberated Slavs will particularly enjoy announcing and heralding to the whole world that they are enlightened nations, capable of embracing the loftiest European culture, whereas Russia is a barbaric country, a grim northern colossus, not even of pure Slavic blood, an oppressor and persecutor of European civilization. It goes without saying that from the very beginning they will adopt a constitutional form of government; they will have parliaments, responsible ministers, orators and speeches. These will greatly comfort and delight them….

Russia must be well prepared to face the fact that all these liberated Slavs will enthusiastically rush to Europe; that they will be contaminated with the political and social European forms – to the point of losing their individuality, and that thus they will have to live through a long period of Europeanism before they are able to understand at least something about their Slavic significance and their special Slavic mission among mankind.

Among themselves, these petty countries will be perpetually quarrelling, envying each other, and intriguing one against the other. It stands to reason that at a moment of some serious calamity they will unfailingly apply to Russia for help. No matter how much they may hate, gossip, and calumniate us in Europe, coquetting with her and assuring her of their love, nevertheless they will always instinctively feel – of course at a moment of some calamity, and not before – that Europe is, always was and will always remain, a natural enemy of their unity, and, if they do exist on earth, it is, of course, because of the fact that there stands a gigantic magnet – Russia – which, drawing all of them to herself, thereby preserves their wholeness and unity. There will even be moments when they will be able to concede – almost consciously – that had there been no Russia, the great Eastern center and the great attracting force, their unity would have instantly collapsed, been torn to pieces, so that their very nationality would have vanished in the European ocean, as a few drops of water vanish in a sea.

For a long while Russia will be left with the anguish and task of making peace among them, teaching them, and perhaps, occasionally, even drawing her sword in their defense. Naturally, there arises at once the question: Wherein, then, is Russia’s benefit? Why has Russia been warring on their behalf a whole century, sacrificing her blood, her strength, her money? Was it only for the purpose of reaping so much petty hatred and ingratitude? Oh, it stands to reason that Russia will always realize that she is the center of Slavic unity; that if the Slavs are enjoying a free national existence, it is because she willed and wishes so; that it was she who accomplished and created all this. However, aside from labors, vexations, and perpetual concerns, what benefit can be derived by Russia from this realization?8

In just a couple of pages, Dostoevsky gave a comprehensive analysis of the political consciousness and behavior of our Slavic brothers – their attitude toward Russia, Europe, each other, and themselves. This encyclopedic, concise, sociohistorical, logical, and psychological analysis is worth many volumes of scholarly studies. The genius and historical foresight of our great prophet are amazing.

In World War II, very much as in 1812, practically all of Europe, including the Slavic countries, was fighting against us. We all know that about one million soldiers of the German allies (current NATO members) fought in the ranks of Hitler’s army. The nationalities of the prisoners of war taken by the Soviet Union between 1941 and 1945 speak volumes.


Germans – 2,389,560 people

Japanese – 639,635

Hungarians – 513,767

Rumanians – 187,370

Austrians – 156,682

Czechs and Slovaks – 69,977

Poles – 60,280

Italians – 48,957

French – 23,136

Jews – 10,173

Dutch – 4,729

Koreans – 7,785

Finns – 2,377

Belgians – 2,010

Luxembourgers – 1,652

Danes – 457

Spaniards – 452

Gypsies – 383

Norwegians – 101

Swedes – 729


By the end of World War II, up to 1.5 million Europeans (Germans excluded) had been taken prisoner.

Today, very much as before, all European and Slavic countries (except Serbia) joined the European Concert of the US, Britain, the EU, and NATO. While in World War II, Greece and Yugoslavia stayed away from the war against the Soviet Union, today Serbia stands alone. A thoughtprovoking point: The territory of the EU (minus the UK) on the map of Europe practically coincides with the territory of the Third Reich.

This should not be surprising: Europe has always disliked (or even hated) Russia and has constantly sought to liquidate or at least subjugate or weaken it as much as possible. Here is an unpleasant fact: Armed units of Slavic countries historically close to the Russian people, to say nothing about Christian Orthodoxy as their common faith, fought alongside Hitler’s army.

Today, the most reactionary forces of the world have closed ranks with the US, a racist, extremely nationalistic, militaristic and terrorist state that has sought, especially in the last 50 years, to become and remain the world hegemon; to suppress all states under its false slogans of democracy and human rights and freedoms, and to liquidate any state prepared to stand up for its own independence.

Russophobia is the core, or banner, of another Drang nach Osten – the latest combination of extreme fascism, oppression, imperialism, terrorism, arrogance, contempt of all peoples, unbridled neo-Nazism, and modernday fascism. It relies on an impressive foundation of the latest weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological, chemical, etc. The US is building new military bases to add to the 900 it already has all over the world. It unceremoniously interferes in the internal affairs of other states, tramples on fundamental international treaties and conventions, and does not hesitate to unleash wars and military conflicts under false pretexts as it did in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and elsewhere.

History teaches us that all attempts to forcibly capture and enslave Russia failed, so its enemies switched to a different form of struggle. They rely on ideological struggle to corrupt the state and society from within. The ideological struggle against the Soviet Union is the prime example. Despite its shortcomings, the USSR was a new type of state in which power belonged to the people; there was no exploitation of man by man; all people were truly equal; there was the strongest social protection for people; all property belonged to the state (i.e., the people); and everything was free: education, sanatoriums, medicine, etc. It was an antipode to the false world of capitalism and imperialism. Much was done to try to liquidate the Soviet Union by various methods and means. Even the Third Reich, which was prepared to exist for eternity, left the stage of history. The US managed to destroy the great power with the help of traitors: Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and their closest circle.

In 1997, US President Bill Clinton said with a great deal of pride that his country had spent billions of dollars to bring Yeltsin to power. The money paid off handsomely: The rival (Russia) was ousted, while America pumped out of Russia 20,000 [metric] tons of copper, 15,000 tons of aluminum, 2,000 tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium, etc. for a trifling sum. The US became 5,700% richer – the biggest profit in history, according to Clinton.

The Soviet Union was ruined, robbed – its economy, agriculture, education, science, and culture destroyed. Russia, at that time a parody of a state, replaced the USSR. Destruction and disintegration were not far off; the constitutions of new states – the Far East, Yakutia, etc. – were already written. After becoming president, Vladimir Putin not only stopped the disintegration, but he restored Russia bit by bit. Having realized that it was reviving, the US and Europe revived their traditional policy.

We all know what they are doing.

They have revived their uncompromising ideological struggle – or war, to be more precise – against Russia, which they are portraying as an aggressor and a menace to the whole world. Everything related to it – be it Russians, the Russian language, Russian culture, etc. – is prohibited as some sort of universal evil, as an epidemic to be suppressed by all available means. Much was and is being done to isolate Russia politically, to oust it from economics, science, and culture. A system of sanctions was devised and is being used to bring down its social, economic, scientific, cultural, and state structure – to fan international enmity and split up the unity of its peoples. In short, the West relies on its previous experience of the destruction of the Soviet Union. The US has brazenly stated that it has the right to strike first in violation of all international conventions, agreements, and decisions of the UN and other international organizations.

These “well-wishers” – the US and the EU – are waging an armed struggle against Russia camouflaged as a war of the neo-Nazi leaders of Ukraine against Russian aggression. They pretend to be supporting Ukraine with [just] weapons and money, etc., while in fact they are training neo- Nazi Ukrainian thugs and even sending their own soldiers and so-called volunteers to the front line. This means that the US and EU member states are directly involved in the war against Russia.

The political leaders of these countries do not hesitate to threaten Russia with nuclear weapons. This should not be treated lightly, since as the great European thinker Karl Marx once said, capitalism would not hesitate to commit crime to acquire superprofits. We know that today’s fascists will stop at nothing; they do not even care how many millions of lives could be lost in a nuclear war. They must defeat Russia.

It seems that these servants of Beelzebub and Mammon have forgotten the lessons of history. All those who attacked Russia and tried to liquidate it were punished according to their deeds. Its profound and sublime spiritual and intellectual structure that unites people into a single whole that is especially obvious in times of mortal danger allows Russia to survive and overcome any danger and disaster. As the main vehicle, generator, and defender of sublime spiritual values, it is invincible. It has invariably amazed friends and enemies by its fortitude and the incredible power of its spirit. In awe and admiration of Russia, Guilietto Chiesa wrote with good reason that after deadly and tragic attacks by the West, “after 25 years of cultural colonization by the West, Russia woke up with a Russian soul. Russian hearts are again open to their history and historical traditions. Russians have restored the meaning of their identity as a united people.”

Chiesa emphasized Russia’s noble mission for the fate of all peoples of the world:

Russia must speak up for the sake of all and everyone – in other words, for the sake of the survival of Humanity. It is not enough to be a great and proud country that defends itself against outside aggression and confirms its legitimacy to avoid a planetary confrontation. This is not enough today, and it will not be enough in future. We need something more – we need a powerful signal, an ideology of salvation; this is vital to all peoples on Earth, to every culture and religion. By weaving a cloth out of a multitude of threads, history has ordered Russia to become a strong power capable of preventing World War III. Russia is the only country with a strategic potential that can rein in the ignorant and egoistical madmen. This is not just a mission but an existential duty.10

In his day, prominent German scholar Oswald Spengler convincingly demonstrated in his excellent book The Decline of the West that the flourishing European civilization and culture were gradually and inevitably deteriorating. Today, the decline has reached the stage of the total degradation of all the values that the Western nations had been so proud of: feelings, reason, and the highest human values.

In which European country will we find contemporary Leonardo da Vincis, Raphaels, or Michelangelos and other great scientists and cultural figures? Where are the great scientists, writers, and politicians? Their places are filled by ignorant, brazen, and shameless pygmies and crooks ready to support any provocation or any shady enterprise; they threaten us with nuclear weapons and World War III. It seems that the US and the European countries (the famous and progressive Latin World of the past) have moved dangerously close to the Apocalypse.

The imperialism of our day and its main “virtues” – unbridled racism, slaveholder ideologies and practices, unconcealed militarism, terrorism, shameless arrogance, contempt for other peoples and nations, and habitual irreconcilable hostility toward Russia – have made the Western world incompatible with all other peoples and states of the world. The political leadership of the disappearing world should start thinking: Can a sociopolitical system in which wealth and power belong to 1% of the population be called democracy? In these countries, political parties call the tune; they protect the interests of the powers that be, while the majority lives in poverty, economic slavery, and spiritual destitution; they have no faith in their future, while human freedom is nothing more than idle talk of the media. Much has already been said about such widely promoted “achievements” as same-sex marriages, sex change, European sex championships, pride parades, and other abominations, including unconcealed Satanism. It seems that the world is being pushed toward Sodom and Gomorrah!

Giulietto Chiesa, one of the modern West’s best and brightest intellectuals with unparalleled knowledge of its history, politics, cultures, achievements, vices, and failures, gave a harsh but absolutely just verdict of contemporary imperialism in all its degeneration, ugliness, and repulsive monstrosity:

The last 20 years have demonstrated that the main values invented by Western civilization – liberal democracy, the rule of law, political plurality, freedom of information, and the latest communication technologies – were torn to pieces for the whole world to see. They were disfigured beyond recognition. Ruled by the “masters of the Universe,” Western democracy disappeared; elections became plebiscites whose results can be bought and sold; public opinion became an easily manipulated crowd; intelligence services and huge corporations have appropriated the planet’s communication technologies and monitor and shape ideologies; information is censored; self-censorship is stricter than in Soviet times. It is more elegant and is better camouflaged. Public discourse was replaced by the “society of the spectacle.”

A quarter century ago it was possible (albeit already with difficulty) to see democratic values displayed in the shop windows of the West; today, this is all in the past. Rituals are observed; there are statutes and busts, but they no longer can be bought or exchanged. In 2014, millions of Russians woke up with a hangover from the coup d’état in Ukraine staged by Washington and implemented by storm-troopers; Russian Russophobes, meanwhile, continued sleeping and enjoying rosy dreams. Most Russians woke from a stupor to realize that they were a nation.11

Is it possible to paint a more profound, realistic, and poignant picture of the internal and external world of the West, of its transformation and degradation – an external and internal portrait of this weakening and practically mad giant? These are its “greatest achievements” and “contribution” to world civilization that instead of prosperity are bringing death to humankind – this is the culmination of Western progress and the inevitable Apocalypse.

As usual in times of trouble, Russia is composing itself and taking serious and urgent measures to protect itself, its people, independence and freedom, socioeconomic and political order, science, culture, and spiritual values. Many countries have already sided with Russia. Many, very much like Russia and China, are using their national currencies when trading with other countries. They want closer cooperation with Russia and other BRICS and SCO members to develop their economies, science, and culture, and to create favorable conditions for multilateral cooperation. Today, when the world has reached the dividing line between life and death, everything depends on the desire, will, and real actions of every person and every nation. Facts, Truth, Kindness, Beauty, Fairness, and Love will win – there is no doubt about this.



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