Awkward moment: They didn't want to let Sunak at Downing Street, 10

10:12 10.12.2023 •

Footage shows UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcoming Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte outside 10 Downing Street Thursday.

The UK’s prime minister and his Dutch counterpart were forced to awkwardly fumble in front of photographers Thursday when staff accidentally locked them outside the politician’s headquarters.

Hilarious footage of the incident shows Rishi Sunak walking out of his residence at 10 Downing St. in London to welcome Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands.

The massive black door adorned with an enormous holiday wreath swiftly shuts behind Sunak, leaving the conservative leader out in the cold — literally.

The unwitting politicians exchange niceties on the doorstep and pose for handshake shots before turning to move their discussion inside, only to find the door locked.

Sunak and Ruute continued chatting uncomfortably angled toward the building as they waited for the custodian to open the door, with the reporters seizing on the opportunity to call out to the pair to answer more questions.

Sunak, 43, can be seen pushing against the door to no avail.

The greeting took an awkward turn after the two politicians were locked out of Sunak’s headquarters.

The two men then swap places on the doorstep to look into two lower-level windows in an apparent attempt to catch someone’s attention on the inside, as the press’ cameras continue to snap.

Finally, the door swings open and the men step inside, with the 56-year-old Rutte offering the media crowd a giant smile and wave before following Sunak.


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