Biden finally agreed to debate with Trump

10:12 30.04.2024 •

The two men debated twice during the 2020 general election – a campaign year constrained significantly by COVID-19 restrictions.

Political analysts say Joe Biden's handlers will be panicking after the 81-year-old president agreed to debate Donald Trump in the run up to November's presidential election in what appeared to be an unplanned comment, notes ‘The Daily Mail’.

Speaking during a softball interview with Howard Stern on Friday morning, Biden said he is 'happy' to take the stage to debate his 77-year-old rival.

The White House and Biden-Harris campaign had danced around questions about the debate for months, never giving a straight answer.

But when asked by Stern, Biden appeared to confirm that he would indeed face off against Trump.

Trump responded swiftly, saying he was willing to debate 'crooked Joe Biden... ‘ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE.’

The debates have been a hallmark of every general election presidential campaign since 1976.

A verbal spar could be a useful opportunity for both Trump and Biden to display stamina. The pair last met in October 2020.

A number of political commentators surmised the Biden campaign must be feeling anxious after the president agreed to debate Trump in what appears to be an unplanned comment.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has already announced the dates and locations for the three general election debates between the presidential candidates: September 16 in San Marcos, Texas; October 1 in Petersburg, Virginia; and October 9 in Salt Lake City.

A dozen news organizations wrote to both Biden and Trump campaigns urging both candidates to participate in the debates.


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