Bill to Ukraine for 100 billion Polish zlotys: “The Kyiv authorities are completely ungrateful!”

11:02 21.09.2023 •

The leader of the Polish Confederation party, Krzysztof Bosak (possibly a future deputy prime minister if this party would get good results in the parliamentary elections in October 2023), went to the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw to issue a financial bill to Kyiv.

Krzysztof Bosak (photo) told the press:

– We are located next to the Ukrainian Embassy to comment on the growing tensions and the announced retaliatory actions by the Ukrainian authorities against Poland for maintaining tariffs on agricultural products from Ukraine, which have begun to destroy the Polish agricultural market. Ukrainian authorities have said they will sue Poland at the World Trade Organization, which is absurd since they could sue the entire EU, not just Poland, and that they will impose retaliatory tariffs on some goods from Poland.

– This situation brings us to the bitter conclusion of the so-called “friendship” of President Duda with President Zelensky and the so-called “partnership relations” between the government of Poland and the government of Ukraine. We see that there is no such partnership. Relations were tense even before the war. Even before the war there were elements of a transport blockade – we remember the dispute about truck drivers.

(Ukraine complains about Poland to the WTO (World Trade Organization), and today we issue an invoice to Ukraine! – Krzysztof Bosak (@krzysztofbosak) September 19, 2023)

– Today we have a big dispute over trade policy, especially in the agricultural sector, and the Confederation came to the Ukrainian embassy to issue an invoice for the assistance that Poland has already provided to Ukraine. Because everything that Poland does, if you look at the summary of costs, you can see that this is one of the most generous, if not the most generous, policies towards the Ukrainian state.

Unfortunately, the Kyiv authorities are completely ungrateful here. They believe that she may be biased towards Poland and constantly demand something.

– We have in our hands the figures from the report of the Institute of World Economics in Kiel. We understand that these data are significantly underestimated and incomplete:

  • - The Institute estimates Polish military assistance to Ukraine at more than 14 billion zlotys.
  • - Humanitarian aid provided by the Polish state to Ukraine amounts to 4 billion zlotys.
  • - Financial assistance was provided in the amount of more than PLN 1.5 billion.
  • - Assistance provided to Ukrainian citizens by the Polish state amounted to more than 70 billion zlotys.
  • - Private aid from Poles provided by Polish households amounts to more than 10 billion zlotys.

The total amount exceeds 100 billion zlotys ($ 25 billions).


…This is a very interesting turn in the relations between Ukraine and Poland. Moreover, Polish President Duda urgently canceled a meeting with Zelensky at the UN General Assembly session in New York. Ukraine is on the way to lose its close ally. Of course, the United States can put pressure on Warsaw to return to previous relations. However, it seems that an abyss has opened up between Warsaw and Kyiv at the psychological level. This is a manifestation of the historical enmity of Poles and Ukrainians…


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