Britain and USA supply weapons to Ukraine, but some of them go into the hands of the international mafia

12:20 05.06.2023 •

This video is circulating in the Mexican media and social networks – a militant of the Mexican ‘Gulf Cartel’ carries an American FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system, which has recently been massively supplied to… Ukraine.

Not so long ago, Great Britain once again demonstrated to the international community the cynical and ruthless position of the Anglo-Saxon world towards Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation, and also reaffirmed its commitment to the process of further escalation of the conflict in Donbas, writes “Mysl Polska”.

James Healy, Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain, on April 25 this year, in response to a question from Scottish MP Kenny McCaskill, officially announced that London had sent more than 1,000 sets of depleted uranium missiles for Challenger 2 to Ukraine. He also pointed out that all military equipment and ammunition provided by London are ‘under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’, and the ‘British military department is not responsible for their use’. In addition, James Healy said that the ‘UK is not obliged to clear the territory of Ukraine from the harmful effects of uranium missiles after the end of the conflict.’

However, in the light of recent events, appropriate assistance would be very useful to the Ukrainian leadership.

Recall that in mid-May, after a rocket hit the premises of the plant in Khmelnitsky, where “dirty” ammunition transported to Kiev was allegedly stored, all signs of radioactive contamination of the area appeared.

Thus, an impressive cloud formed over the explosion site, and the fire that broke out in the warehouse was extinguished remotely using a special robot. In the city itself, a dosimetric patrol is still operating, radiation measurements are being taken in unusual places: a nuclear power plant in Khmelnitsky, now this is happening in the western region.

In addition, in the border regions of Poland and Slovakia with Ukraine, in the direction of the movement of the radioactive cloud, there is a significant increase in the permissible level of bismuth (a decay product of depleted uranium), but the local authorities of both countries carefully hide this fact so as not to sow panic among the local population and not to discredit their NATO colleagues who supplied Ukraine with dangerous weapons.

At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured the European public in every possible way in March of this year that the ‘uranium missiles supplied by London are safe and their use is in accordance with international law.’

It turns out that NATO representatives are hypocritically lying to the European public. The historical confirmation of this is the bombing of Yugoslavia, where even more than twenty years after the hit of uranium shells, the consequences for the lives of ordinary citizens are felt.

The negligence of the British authorities in controlling the use of modern types of weapons supplied to Kyiv causes concern.

It is no longer a secret to anyone that for many years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine remained the base of the illegal trade in Soviet weapons, which led to the sale of "surplus" weapons and ammunition by Kiev to countries in Asia and Africa.

Today, amid unprecedented corruption and political conflict in the country, NATO pact weapons handed over to the regime in Kyiv continue to circulate unchecked around the world.

…The British are greatly mistaken if they believe that these weapons cannot get to their island.


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