Britain life-style: “‘Do you hate Britain?’ I asked my pupils. 30 raised their hands”

10:39 28.04.2024 •

This is a former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He is very frightening to pupils…

There’s a piece in Sunday Times by an anonymous teacher, revealing the scale of national self-hatred in schools with large Muslim populations, aided and abetted by hand-wringing woke teachers who never stop apologising for Britain’s sins. Here’s an extract:

“My pupils are a lively bunch. The school, where I teach humanities, is a large academy in the south of England and caters to those from poor families. Most are Muslim and a few have lived in Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. They burst with character and enthusiasm for improving their lives. I work hard to help them and have a genuine pride in them, in a way only fellow teachers will understand.

The more I get to know my pupils, the more distressed I am by some of their views. Of course, teenagers have always aspired to radical chic in order to shock their elders. In my youth, we lounged around the school common room repeating Frankie Boyle’s most offensive jokes.

But this generation is different. The other day, in response to a comment made by a pupil, I asked a class of 13-year-olds to raise their hands if they hated Britain. Thirty hands shot up with immediate, absolute certainty.

It is probably a minority, but not a small one. Many of the boys I teach hold shocking views on women. One Year 8 pupil regularly interrupts lessons with diatribes about how western society is brainwashing young men into becoming more feminine. Most of the lads I teach think women should have fewer rights than men. They spend citizenship lessons arguing that wives should not work.

And this reflects a big part of the problem: my school and many others are rolling over and not even attempting to mount a defence of western values.

My colleagues tend to believe that the solution to our pupils’ dislike of Britain is to design a curriculum that is packed with hand-wringing about western imperialism and institutional racism.”


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