British life-style: Britain's shameful military housing – damp, mouldy homes riddled with pests, shoddy gas and electrical fittings

9:44 08.06.2024 •

A British Army family was forced to leave their crumbling home after a wall in the bedroom of their military accommodation collapsed.

Britain's shameful military housing is a 'sinking ship' that is a 'tax on the goodwill' of the “UK's armed forces heroes”, a landmark review has found, ‘The Daily Mail’ informs.

Damp, mouldy homes, riddled with pests and plagued by shoddy gas and electrical fittings are among the persistent woes troops and their families face in service accommodation, experts from the Kerslake Commission have found.

In its Homes Unfit For Military Heroes review, the body accused the Government of failing to make up for years of underfunding within the Ministry of Defence, which has left huge swathes of forces housing in a scandalous state.

And the report also warned that the pitiful state of service housing was causing personnel to leave the armed forces, as the nation's military continues to grapple with a recruitment crisis.

In a scathing critique, Britain's former head of Joint Forces Command General Sir Richard Barrons branded the situation 'unacceptable' and called for an urgent overhaul to avoid driving more troops away.

An Army family was forced to leave their crumbling home after a wall in the bedroom of their military accommodation collapsed.

The state of the room was unveiled in a post on social media and sparked uproar. It appeared to show brick work collapsing into the bedroom of the soldier's home.

'Decent and affordable accommodation is crucial for the wellbeing of our armed forces personnel and is essential for maintaining the operational effectiveness of our national defence,' said General Sir Richard, who is a commission member. Yet for many years the accommodation for many service personnel and their families has been poor, and in many cases unacceptable.'

Hundreds of families have been forced to endure months in crumbling, leaking properties riddled with mould, with some being left in sub-zero temperatures without heating and hot water during the winter.

The report pointed to poor management and maintenance and said a backlog of repairs is 'at a tipping point' – amid fears it could cost more than £4billion to bring Britain's military housing stock up to scratch.

The Kerslake Commission on Armed Forces Housing was launched in February 2023, with the late Lord Bob Kerslake, former head of the civil service, as its chairman. The review covers Army, RAF and Royal Navy housing.

Summing up their findings, the report concluded: 'The evidence presented in this report (and in other past reports) shows that MoD accommodation has been in effect a 'sinking ship' for some time.'

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently apologised for the woeful standard of military accommodation, which he admitted was not 'fit for standard'.

The UK has been shelling out £8million a day on housing migrants in hotels while soldiers are left in rotting barracks or shifted into shipping containers.

Tommy's living conditions…

…This is the government policy. Apparently, Sunak decided to take revenge on His Majesty’s former colonial army and drove it into the conditions described by ‘The Daily Mail’


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