British life-style: 'Heavy-drinking' MPs indulging in sex during foreign trips are putting themselves at risk of blackmail - with prostitutes 'waiting in hotel rooms' when they arrive

10:19 29.04.2024 •

Photo: The Times

The group of politicians travelling in an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) were met by prostitutes at their hotel during an official trip aboard, The Times reported.

A senior government source told the newspaper that the behaviour of MPs undertaking APPG trips abroad “is quite astonishing”.

They added: “If a hostile state is lucky they may get MPs at risk of foreign blackmail photos and they will make sure they know exactly what has happened. And then they might get something from that.”

It follows reports that British politicians were accused of using official parliamentary trips abroad to drink heavily and engage in “sex tourism”.

Parliamentarians on trips reportedly “asked for directions to the nearest brothel”, hired sex workers, and failed to turn up at meetings after drinking heavily on nights out.

Downing Street said that the reported behaviour of MPs on foreign APPG trips was “clearly very concerning”.

Rishi Sunak’s official spokesperson said: “The prime minister believes MPs should be working hard for the public, and the broad majority and focused on our shared challenges.”

APPGs are groups devoted to examining a specific issue. The country-specific APPGs often arrange visits to host nations for MPs, sometimes with funding from those countries or associated organisations.

There has been longstanding concern about the operation of APPGs, which often organise fact-finding trips for MPs abroad where there can be hospitality paid for by foreign governments or companies.

The Times reported that some senior government figures are concerned that MPs and peers are engaging in “sex and heavy drinking” on foreign visits, and that incriminating evidence could be used against those who are misbehaving.

'Heavy-drinking' MPs indulging in sex during foreign trips are putting themselves at risk of blackmail – with prostitutes 'waiting in hotel rooms' when they arrive, ‘The Daily Mail’ reveals.

Fears have been raised over blackmail attempts by hostile states after claims MPs found sex workers waiting in their hotel rooms on a foreign trip.

There is no suggestion the MPs knew the prostitutes would be there, or that they used their services – but the claim highlights the potential risks with complaints that some trips are blighted by 'sex and heavy drinking'.

When hosted abroad by diplomats, some would stay on to 'pursue their interest in local women', the investigation found.

Others routinely engaged in drunken and lewd misbehaviour – much to the annoyance of local officials.

An investigation by Politico claimed that one former Conservative MP asked where the nearest brothel was when he visited a country in south-east Asia, and that a former minister stayed on after official trips to pursue his “interest in women”.


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