British MoD: Weeds and bushes are resonant in the fact that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is so unsuccessful

9:21 07.08.2023 •

A destroyed Ukrainian tank

A screen appeared on the Internet with information from the British Ministry of Defense. The British are sure that the Ukrainian army cannot attack effectively because the soldiers are hindered by hot weather, undergrowth, the predominately arable land, weeds and shrubs.

The British military authorities have found no other explanation for the failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Kyiv received 250 tanks from NATO countries for this offensive, including Leopards, English Challengers, French AMX-10s, as well as about 1,000 armored fighting vehicles of various colors. Howitzers, self-propelled guns, air defense systems, and jet systems were handed over.

But weeds and shrubs are to blame…


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