British style: lie to the country, lie to the voters

11:36 08.06.2023 •

A large number of migrants arrive in Britain

Five former UK government ministers have explained to the state broadcaster why despite over a decade of promises immigration has only ever gone up, with the answer boiling down to tell the public one thing, do another, writes Breitbart.

“606,000: Net Migration Surges to Fresh Record, Again Demolishing Tory Lies on Border Control!”

The UK Conservative Party tells voters that it will cut immigration — sometimes quite considerably — because that is what voters want to hear. Meanwhile, it sticks to the real plan of growing the number of new arrivals to satisfy the Treasury, whose only goal is to see GDP growth, even if that means flooding the country with new people.

This is the story told to a top BBC journalist, they claim, by five former Home Secretaries — the UK title for the interior minister with responsibility for border control — who spoke to the broadcaster anonymously to explain why it is immigration only ever rises while the government publicly promises the opposite.

While their identities are cloaked and there is a not inconsiderable pool of 15 living former Home Secretaries going back to Douglas Hurd in 1989 they could have been drawn from there are some clues. The language of some quotes given to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg implies a sense of possession over recent policies, suggesting they will have been Conservative ministers publicly professing border control while privately practising liberalisation.

One of those cited makes an outright admission of lies told while in public office, quoted by the BBC as remarking “[we] said we’ll get the numbers down… but the country needs immigrants… I never believed in [promises to cut immigration levels,] I never thought that it was sensible.”

Another unnamed holder of one of the nation’s most senior — and theoretically powerful — political offices underlines this claim, reportedly having said: “We can’t be honest… want to give the impression that you can do something about it, but it is very, very difficult.”

Ultimately, as one of those anonymous former Home Secretaries is claimed to have said, immigration to the United Kingdom is: “sky high because of deliberate Tory policy.” This has been achieved because, as another says:“We have put in place the most liberal regime ever.”

Illustrating the strongly held groupthink by those at the top of British politics, attempts to control immigration by deporting illegals are “ridiculous” and “insane”, it was said. Talking about taking on illegal boat migrants, as the government is presently focussed on, is nothing more than a “campaigning tool” that probably “won’t work” anyway. In any case, illegals are only a fraction of the number of migrants coming legally in all-time-record-breaking numbers now in that “most liberal regime ever.”

The UK is now on course to overtake the population size of France for the first time by the middle of this decade owing to the massive influx, notes “The Sun”.

In a blow to No10, the asylum backlog has spiralled again — despite the PM vowing to eradicate it by the end of the year. Just one per cent of the 40,444 small boat migrants  who claimed asylum in the past 12 months have been processed — with 61 per cent given the nod to stay. The numbers are equivalent to a city the size Bristol arriving on Britain’s shores in a year.

But an unrepentant PM Rishi Sunak refused to give any specific targets for reducing the figures or apologise for missing years of Conservative manifesto pledges to slash them. He insisted what people cared more about was illegal migration — despite that making up only 76,000 of last year’s total.

Tory MPs called on the PM to get a grip and honour their promises to the British people. Sir John Hayes insisted: “It’s time to get Britons working. We have to skill our own people, recruit and retain them, rather than simply turning on the tap and bringing workers from outside.”

Ex-Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “This is a wake-up call for Britain — and it’s costing us the earth. This is not just about borders, but housing, hospitals and benefits. UK industry is addicted to cheap labour.”

Tory MP Louie French said unsustainable levels of migration were having a significant impact on housing in South East England.

Former Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage accused the Tories of breaking vital promises to get the numbers down — and dubbed it a “total breach of trust” for voters. Labour also hit out, with shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock saying: “The numbers need to come down. After 13 years the Conservatives have lost control of our immigration. They failed to invest in local, homegrown talent.”

Meanwhile, it emerged that almost four million people receiving out-of-work benefits have no requirements to look for a job.


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