Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland: “The crisis in Ukraine is linked to NATO's constant eastward expansion”

11:36 08.06.2023 •

Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland Wang Shihting (photo) spoke in an interview with local TV about China's position on the war in Ukraine and his country's new place in the global diplomatic game. He said in this conversation, in particular:

- The United States and other Western countries use their advantage in the right of speech to manipulate international public opinion against China in their favor. Therefore, China is forced to take retaliatory measures. If Chinese diplomats remain silent, people in Western countries will probably never hear the truth about China.

- China's position on the Ukrainian issue is consistent and clear: we always stand on the side of peace, and our main mission is to promote peace negotiations. What we do is disinterested and impartial. China has good relations with Russia and Ukraine. Our communication with the two countries has always been fluid since the beginning of the crisis.

- The current conflict in Ukraine stems from a deep historical context and complex causes. We believe that the security concerns of all countries should be taken seriously. It cannot be denied that the crisis in Ukraine is closely linked to NATO's constant eastward expansion since the Cold War. We hope that the various parties will draw important lessons from the Ukrainian crisis and work together through dialogue to find a way forward for long-term security and stability in Europe.

- On the Ukrainian issue, reflections of different sides are multiplying. But the end of the crisis does not depend on China. The US, NATO, the EU and the entire international community must work together to create an enabling environment for peace talks, not add fuel to the fire or profit from it.

- On the global diplomatic chessboard, China stands out for several reasons. In particular, this prompted Iran and Saudi Arabia to resume dialogue, and China has always played this role. China has always stood for dialogue and peace in all contexts and around the world.

Asked about “changing China's diplomatic style to become more assertive and aggressive,” the Ambassador replied that “this is a mistaken Western interpretation. I do not agree with this point of view. Every diplomat must protect the interests of his country, and I believe that it is not Chinese diplomats who have become more aggressive, but diplomats from Western countries.”


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