David Cameron is not ‘Welcome’ in US Congress

11:52 12.04.2024 •

David Cameron, Mike Johnson & Trump

A senior Donald Trump ally snubbed, turning down a meeting him to explain why he is holding up $60billion-worth of US war aid for Ukraine. 

The Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives declined to meet the Foreign Secretary, despite the peer having a sit-down with Mr. Trump himself.

Mr Johnson, who is nicknamed 'Maga Mike', is refusing to table a vote in the lower chamber of Congress in a dispute with the Biden administration over domestic policies. He reportedly claimed he could not find time in his diary for a sit-down with the Foreign Secretary, although there are some hopes a meeting could still take place, as they are said to remain in contact.

Last week, in a video recorded at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Lord Cameron highlighted a meeting with Mr Johnson, saying: 'I’m going to see him next week and say we need that money, Ukraine needs that money. It is American security, it is European security, It is Britain’s security that is on the line in Ukraine, and they need our help.'

In 2016 Cameron called the former President 'divisive, stupid and wrong' leading Mr Trumpt to respond: 'It looks like we're not going to have a very good relationship.'

In Lord Cameron's memoirs, published in 2019, he said Mr Trump had won the Republican nomination because of his 'protectionist, xenophobic, misogynistic interventions'.

The Foreign Secretary became the first UK minister to meet Mr Trump since his dramatic departure from the White House three years ago.

The pair discussed Ukraine aid, the upcoming elections in the UK and US, NATO, Brexit – and their admiration for the late Queen.

Lord Cameron is expected to have been rebuffed in his lobbying, however, as the Republican presidential candidate is strongly opposed to giving Kyiv more money.

The foreign secretary previously stressed that he had not made the trip to the US to 'lecture' its politicians on giving more money to Ukraine, however, said he could get 'emotional' when speaking of Ukraine's plight.

Cameron was in the US for talks with Trump and counterpart Anthony Blinken

While speaking at a press conference alongside Mr Blinkin, Lord Cameron compared Ukraine's war with Russia to the allies D-Day landings to defeat the Nazis in 1944. He said: ‘To me this is so fundamental to how Britain and America have worked together over the years, over the decades, to keep our world safe and to enhance our security.’

The US national security adviser Jack Sullivan, declined to say whether Biden's government thought the discussion would be helpful, according to the Times.'  


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