Does Europe want to live without Russian gas? Help yourself!

12:10 16.02.2024 •

The European Union attempts to limit purchases of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Russia will lead to a sharp jump in prices. For Brussels this is tantamount to “shooting itself in the foot,” Artem Studennikov, director of the first European department of the Russian MFA, said to RIA Novosti.

“All these attempts are tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot.” The refusal to fully cooperate with Russia in the energy sector has had a negative impact on industrial production, the competitiveness of enterprises, export opportunities and the purchasing power of the population. Europe needs gas,” Studennikov said.

He cited the example of Belgium, which imports up to 80% of its energy resources.

“Many European energy companies continue to consider gas supplies from Russia as one of the options for diversifying imports in the face of increasing EU dependence on American LNG,” the diplomat emphasized.

In December 2023, the EU Council and the European Parliament developed new rules that will allow EU countries to impose restrictions on natural gas supplies, including LNG, from Russia.


Can Europe exist without Russian gas in the current conditions?

Biden has banned the possibility to sign any new contracts for LNG supplies from the United States to Europe.

At the same time, LNG for Europe from Qatar is rising sharply in price.

Anyway this is a European choice…


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