11:08 13.03.2019 •

The 3rd meeting of experienced and progressive specialists independent community is held in Tbilisi – “Club of Experts” of “Energoсontract” Group of Companies.

Today, on March 13, 2019, the 3rd “Club of Experts” meeting is held in Georgia. The expert community was initiated a year ago by “Energokontract” Group of Companies - the leading developer and manufacturer in Russia and Europe of personal protective equipment made of modern fire-resistant aramid materials against the most dangerous occupational health and safety risks.

More than 200 leading experts from Russia, as well as from Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries, came to Tbilisi to discuss successful experience, current practices and problematic issues of labor protection, personnel safety, procurement and supply.

Today, highly topical conference programme will provide all the guests of the event the opportunity to communicate with independent experts, representatives of various companies - gurus in their field, take part in open debates, discussion of world trends and innovations in the area of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Chief engineers, Heads of HSE departments of the largest fuel and energy, transport, oil and gas, metallurgy and other companies will be able to exchange practices and receive comprehensive information on technical solutions, to get relevant information on legislative and regulatory acts.

According to experts and representatives of companies that have already attended previous “Club of Experts” events, such meetings are very important for professional development. They help to expand competencies, update technical knowledge, better understand complex topics, develop proactive responses to pressing challenges in the PPE area, find a joint solution to many important issues, as well as get acquainted with the experience of various companies in solving occupational health and industrial safety issues, with correct work on tender documentation and help to be aware of the latest innovations.

Background information

“Club of Experts” is a professional platform for discussions, finding the right solutions, advancement of innovative proposals and obtaining relevant information for the work of labor protection specialists. This is an independent community of experienced and progressive specialists interested in developing industrial safety and preserving the health of workers by the most technologically advanced, efficient and promising methods. The main goal of the association is to accumulate experience, knowledge and proposals for the development of the labor protection direction in strategic industries.


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