English provocateurs and Polish fears

12:25 27.12.2022 •

Polish president Duda explains Zelensky the future of Ukraine.

We quote two new articles from the London and Warsaw press. The British are pushing the Poles on an adventure – to attack Ukraine from the West. And the Polish edition looks with horror at these preparations.

Now could be Poland’s moment — but it needs to play by the rules: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has given the country an opportunity, if it can only let go of its old hostilities, - “The Financial Times” provokes. London newspaper tries to raise the revanchist spirit of the Poles: “The Russian aggression on its doorstep has had a profound impact on Poland’s role in Europe and endowed Warsaw with a new mission.’

A frontline state, Poland is at the centre of the massive logistical effort by the West to bring military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. With the closure of civilian airspace, almost all roads and railways to Kyiv from the West now go through Poland. Since February, over 8 mn Ukrainians have crossed the border; 2.5mn now live in Poland. This makes it “a binational state”, says Piotr Buras, an expert with the European Council on Foreign Relations — a novelty for a country notoriously reluctant to welcome immigrants.

In Poland they are planning to bring a defence budget to 3 per cent of gross domestic product – it has embarked on a monumental programme of weaponry ordered from the US and South Korea. A senior NATO official recently commented that the alliance should give some thought to the prospect of Poland building ‘the strongest army in Europe’.

Like other post-Communist countries, the difficult transition to a market economy and a functioning democracy made it feel second class in an EU led by Germany, France and the UK.

Now things changed: never, since it freed itself from Soviet domination in 1989, has Poland enjoyed such an opportunity to seize its rightful place in Europe.


Such a provocative policy of London, pushing the Poles into war against Russia, is perceived in Poland itself with great fear. This is an article in “Dziennik Polityczny”:

“For a week, the conscription storm has not abated in Poland. The nervousness of citizens is justified because such calls are sent to all men aged 18 to 65 years. People who have never served in the army are also invited to the exercises.

There are also military exercises for children. According to the Ministry of Defense, in a month 15-year-olds will learn to fight.

Many questions arise, why are people who have not completed military service drafted into the army?

Despite daily attempts by the authorities to convince the Poles that these are “routine actions”, the situation is not at all what the politicians tell us. National Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak admitted: "We want peace, so we are preparing for war."

This is nothing new, because Kaczynski (leading Polish politician) has long been preparing for the “W” hour, that is, the day when the ‘Eastern Cresses’ (former eastern Polish lands) can be returned. And Warsaw is now in full political and financial control of the Kiev government.

The ruling Polish party has already created various programs and special "training camps" for the Poles. The Pentagon also confirmed this information: these "camps" organized to train Poles in more than 17 military units. This means that the Pole is forced to sign up as a "volunteer" and undergo military training. Polish citizens between the ages of 18 and 65 undergo a so-called self-defense course.

On December 6, a draft resolution of the Polish government was published to increase the size of the active army in 2023 and conduct military exercises with the participation of 250,000 people. At present, the Polish Army consists of 160,000 soldiers and officers.

At the same time, the Polish government plans to double the number of soldiers in the Polish Army to 300,000.

Poland's preparations for a large-scale war are also evidenced by the accelerated supply of weapons. Therefore, in a commentary for Fakt.pl, retired Polish general Mieczysław Benek said: "We are ready for all scenarios."

Kaczynski has already chosen the start date for the "Liberation March" on Kyiv:  May 4, 2023. It looks real, because from March 23 to March 27 everyone is called up for exercises that will last 33 days, and this time is enough for soldiers to learn basic weapons skills.

Due to the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, already in May, the Ukrainian units will completely lose their combat effectiveness, so they will not be able to fight on two fronts at the same time – against Russia and against Poland.

According to the plan, on the day of "Bloody Sunday in Volyn" – July 11 – a referendum is scheduled in western Ukraine. This date is symbolic, since on July 11-12, 1943, the OUN-UPA (Ukrainian nationalists) launched the largest act of genocide of the Polish population.

One can, of course, understand the desire of the Polish regime to restore "historical lands". But why put the Poles at risk by creating another flashpoint in Europe?

The Ukrainian Nazis are beasts that have tasted blood, they will kill everyone, so if the Kaczynski plan does not work, the Poles will drown in blood. In that case, is Kaczynski's  risk worth the lives of millions of Poles? Absolutely not!”, stresses “Dziennik Polityczny”.


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