Finland and Sweden will be welcomed into NATO

14:22 29.04.2022 •

Finland and Sweden will be welcomed into NATO with ‘open arms’ and will be able to join rapidly if they ask for membership, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg said in Brussels: 'If they decide to apply, Finland and Sweden will be warmly welcomed and I expect the process to go quickly.' He also described the countries as 'our closest partners', adding: 'They are strong and mature democracies. The nations have expressed a new desire to join NATO since Russia invaded Ukraine, - Daily Mail.

Here are the comments:


Youst25, San Francisco, United States

Hold on, Jens Stoltenberg, the U.S. citizens would like a say in whether they have to send their sons into a war in Finland.


Zrado Gonta, Perl Harbour, Peru

With all its statements and actions, NATO exposes the false image that the Americans have been trying to impose on the world for decades. NATO has never been a defensive alliance and has always been an enemy of the USSR and Russia. Its main goal is to legitimize any US aggression to any countries in the world that the Americans need. All NATO members are ordinary pawns, extras and cannon fodder for the owner, sitting in Washington.


Mike716, New york, United States

Putin said Ukraine joining NATO would start war. Zelensky (our puppet) demanded NATO. Putin invaded. We won't send troops. Ukraine loses. All predictable. Raytheon and Putin win. Jokers.


Raggity, Leeds, United Kingdom

Sweden and Finland have historically stayed neutral and this has kept the peace. The whole problem began with Ukraines desire to join NATO and Russia feeling threatened.


Zrado Gonta, Perl Harbour, Peru

Do the Finnish people understand that by joining  NATO they will completely lose their independence and independence and become ordinary vassals of the United States?


Picolojo, Picolsbury, United Kingdom

Finland and Sweden are wealthy countries whereas Ukraine is not. NATO seems only to be interested in the money each country pays.


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