Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s video address to participants in the second Russia-Africa Media Forum of top managers of Russian leading news agencies, July 27, 2023

18:32 27.07.2023 •

Colleagues and friends,

I am happy to welcome the participants in the second Russia-Africa Media Forum of top managers of Russian leading news agencies. Your event is becoming a good tradition and an integral part of Russia-Africa summits.

Today, relations between the Russian Federation and African states are on the upswing, which is in the fundamental interests of both sides. Russia-Africa cooperation rests on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs. We are particularly glad to note the ongoing expansion of contacts between people. It is promoting the sympathy our people developed for each other during the period of decolonisation.

It is hard to overestimate the role of the media, primarily news agencies, in the further strengthening of friendship, trust and understanding. Now our priority goal is to expand Russia’s media presence in Africa and the African media presence in Russia. One of the aims is to overcome finally the negative stereotypes imposed by the collective West.  

I am pleased to note that Russian news agencies and television channels are doing good work in Africa. Their reports, films and documentaries are invariably popular with millions of Africans.

In the near future, Russia is going to open country and regional offices of its media outlets in Africa. RT will substantially expand its correspondent network. TASS and Sputnik agencies are planning to launch a number of news hubs and a multi-functional editorial centre. I believe this points to the sincere interest of Africans in our country. Moreover, it also guarantees success in implementing ambitious joint undertakings in different fields of cooperation.


The West is relentless in its attempts to smear the image of Russia and African states in the media space. Under the circumstances, there is high demand for the initiative, responsible work of journalists, media top managers and new media specialists. I am convinced that you can create a constructive news agenda that will be based on truth and facts rather than manipulation and invention to which the US and European media are increasingly resorting now.

It is important to fully harness the potential of modern information technology – social media, the blogosphere, and digital services and platforms. Buttressed by traditional media, it allows journalists to engage in direct dialogue with the public at large and offer our audience high-quality media products on Russia-Africa cooperation as a whole and on a broad range of international issues.

I hope that you, my esteemed friends, will be actively involved in covering the results of the second Russia-Africa Summit and joint efforts to implement its decisions. I wish you productive discussions, success in implementing in-demand joint projects and all the best.


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