French army officers do not want to fight against Russia

12:09 13.02.2023 •

Which country benefits most of all from the war in Ukraine?

The French Internet site “” conducted a survey among its readers – army officers – about the Ukrainian crisis and a possible war against Russia.

They explain: “From November 1 to December 13, 2022, we conducted a survey, by mail and on our website. The presented results come from responses in 631 letters and 11,382 by internet.

We wanted to ask the French people about questions that no one dares to ask them and which nevertheless affect their daily lives and their future.

We deliver the results, which you will see are extremely significant and unambiguous.”

- 96.71% of respondents are against an open war in Ukraine

- 89.2% believe that the war is primarily beneficial to the United States

- 91.66% believe that Western countries, including France, do not seek peace

- 88.07% believe that rash decisions could push France into direct war with Russia

- 96.71% refuse to send French troops to support Ukraine

- 98.33% of those (3.29%) who would agree to send troops deny that this sending can be carried out without a vote of parliament

80.63% would be ready for public action of protests, they said to be ready for demonstrations to prevent the transition to war.

The same overwhelming majority thinks that the main culprits of our current energy dependence are our rulers in power and that it is imperative to lift the sanctions against Russia.

Do you allow an open war against Russia by sending French troops to support Ukraine?


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