French general: “The chances that Ukraine will remain at the end of the war are very small”

11:11 28.07.2023 •

Dominique Delawarde (photo), a French general, political and military analyst, expressed his views on the situation in Ukraine.

General Dominique Delawarde commanded the military units of the Foreign Legion and the Alpine Hunters, he also led the officer cadets at Saint-Cyr. The general was the head of the Situation-Intelligence-Electronic Warfare group at the Joint Operational Planning Headquarters. He served more than 8 years outside of France: in the United States, South America and the Middle East as part of the UN, more than a year in the Balkans as part of the UN and NATO, and more than six months in the Middle East (Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait).

General stated that the failure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive was predictable, since Kyiv's military power does not have a real advantage over Moscow that would allow the first to succeed.

“This is a dramatic failure for Ukrainians. But what else could we expect? We could only expect failure. It is impossible to succeed in a counter-offensive with a ratio of forces from 3:1 to 5:1, when the enemy has well strengthened his defenses, when there is superiority [of Russia] in artillery and aviation.”

Continuing his analysis of the military power of the parties, the general could not fail to mention NATO, because in fact Russia is fighting against the alliance, and Ukraine's resources have long been exhausted. However, according to the military expert, NATO's preparation for this conflict also leaves much to be desired, which is why the military alliance today prefers soft power to real military actions.

“NATO does not have the capacity to wage an intense war against Russia. It does not have the troops trained for this, she does not have the necessary equipment, her troops do not have the necessary training for such a war. She can do nothing but verbal war. All she had to do was talk.

“The West has not been as successful with soft power, or more specifically propaganda. After all, if you count, who, apart from the vassal states of the United States, opposes Russia? On the contrary, the whole world is uniting around the Kremlin.

“NATO has lost the information war. It tried to convince the world that Russia was vulnerable and would fall under sanctions. But communication failed. On the contrary, every day the whole world unites more and more around Russia, does not condemn it and continues to trade with it. And the sanctions are boomeranging back to the global West.”

“I think that the NATO summit in Vilnius was a failure. There were many statements, and they were very long, which is only good for a person who wants to sleep. These long statements only show that the West is trying to hide the absence of real initiatives behind long statements.”

Discussing the possible outcome of the war, the French army general said that he saw no other way out than a Russian Victory.

Here again, there is a colossal difference in the military power of the two camps: “The chances that Ukraine will remain at the end of the war are very small. And it is Russia that determines when the war will end, with all its ability to mobilize huge numbers of soldiers, its production capacity, surpassing even the collective capabilities of NATO. Our warehouses will be empty, but the warehouses in Russia will always be full.”


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