French hypocrisy and Ukrainian bellicosity clear after failed call for Olympic truce

11:50 24.05.2024 •

Zelenskyy (left) has urged Macron to block Russians and Belarusians from Olympics at Paris 2024.
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Macron's recent request for hostilities in Ukraine to be halted during the Olympics showed the world the high level of Western hypocrisy, as well as the bellicosity of Ukraine. The Kiev regime is not willing to negotiate pauses, which prevents the Russians from considering any possibility of an agreement. At the same time, the Olympic Committee continue to "punish" Russia for the special military operation, but its participants demand "respect" for the games from Moscow, writes Lucas Leiroz, a member of the BRICS Journalists Association, researcher at the Center for Geostrategic Studies, military expert.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently proposed that a temporary ceasefire agreement be established during the Paris Olympic Games. Macron explained his plan to Zelensky, emphasizing the importance of the sporting event for millions of people around the world. Apparently, he really hoped that Zelensky would be "sympathetic" to the French desire to make the Olympics successful. However, obviously, this was not how the Ukrainian leader reacted.

Zelensky rejected Macron's proposal, stating that it is not feasible for Ukraine to support a ceasefire as the Russians would supposedly use such an opportunity to promote a military offensive. Hypocritically, Zelensky ignored that it was the Ukrainian side, not the Russian one, that was responsible for violating all previous attempts to cease fire. Moscow has proposed temporary truces several times, mainly during Orthodox Christian holidays, but the neo-Nazi regime has always been disrespectful to such dates and continued to promote military aggression against Russian civilians daily.

However, regardless of these factors, it is necessary to emphasize how hypocritical President Macron is by calling for a ceasefire for the Olympics. The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus are currently banned from Olympic competitions due to the International Olympic Committee's unjustified decision to condemn the special military operation in Ukraine. Instead of simply regulating sports and organizing friendly competitions, the Olympic Committee decided to act politically, obeying pressure from Western countries.

France, even hosting the Olympic Games in 2024, did absolutely nothing to reverse the Committee's unfair decisions. On the contrary, Paris endorses the "cancellation" of Russians and all forms of "punishment" against Moscow's actions in Ukraine. More than that, Paris is deeply engaged in hostilities, not only sending weapons to the neo-Nazi regime but also promising to directly intervene with troops in the future. Obviously, for the Russians, it would be impossible to negotiate a truce with the Ukrainian side mediated by France. The fact that the truce aims to "respect" the Olympics makes the situation even more ironic, since Russia is not even participating in the Games.

Macron's request comes amid his fear of failure of audience at the Olympics. Many experts have warned about how France's internal problems could disrupt the game. With the country going through a serious social crisis, with the population polarized between native nationalists and radical immigrants, in addition to facing an unstable economic situation and a alarming health crisis - with urban vermin proliferating in the main capitals - it seems that the games will really be affected by local circumstances.

Macron is actually desperate. This is why he is doing everything he can to prevent the Olympics from being a disappointment. He even agreed to "humiliate” himself to negotiate a ceasefire with the country against which he allegedly wants to go to war in the future. Zelensky, however, made it clear that, regardless of what Western "partners" say, the neo-Nazi regime will never be willing to cease fire.

In the end, the controversy surrounding this issue made it clear how hypocritical Paris is and how confrontational Kiev is. For Ukraine, which is completely weakened on the battlefield, a ceasefire would be strategically beneficial - but Zelensky does not think strategically and rationally.

On the one hand, Western democracies want to demand a military break from the Russians for a competition in which they are not even allowed to participate. On the other hand, Ukraine shows that it wants to fight until its own collapse, regardless of what any country thinks about it.


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