Greeting by V.A.Nebenzya to Intternational Affairs Journal

13:43 21.03.2022 •

Dear Armen Garnikovich!

Dear International Affairs staff, dear colleagues!

Would you accept heartfelt and warmest congratulations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of your journal!

For 100 years International Affairs has been assisting diplomats through presenting highly accurate analytical reports and bias-free publications.

Thanks to the work of Your staff, International Affairs has throughout many years been maintaining the prestigious positions of an authoritative source of information and analysis for diplomats in Russia and beyond.

International Affairs today is not only a way for global public to glance at pressing issues of international relations – it provides foreign politicians, diplomats and ‘brain hubs’ with information about Russia.
I know for sure that many ideas expressed by International Affairs find a ready response from our foreign partners.

Your journal is a standard we can refer to for expertise, it is a unique platform for highly acclaimed professional journalists and commentators to present their views

I would like to wish International Affairs staff to always keep abreast with the times, to produce more experienced and young authors, to boost its presence in the global network and to see new successes in their creative work!


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