Greeting from Deputy Chairman of Federation Council K.I.Kosachev on the centenary of International Affairs journal

13:42 21.03.2022 • Konstantin Kosachev

I am deeply honored and greatly pleased to congratulate the editorial board and many an author of the journal International Affairs on the 100th jubilee!

It is somewhat symbolic that the journal was born in the days of extremely important international developments – its birth coincided with the breakthrough of the diplomatic isolation of Soviet Russia in the course of the Conference of Genoa, and as a result of concluding the Treaty of Rapallo in 1922. The centenary of the edition is marked by the focus on foreign policy again, when efforts are being taken to thwart the attempts to cut our country off from the rest of the world and exert unprecedented political, economic and diplomatic pressure on it.

What is particularly important in times like these is the invaluable views of experts and analysts, which is of tremendous value to everyone involved in devising and implementing Russia’s foreign policy, everyone willing to know a thing or two about the main drivers of international politics.  

The journal’s credo – “A Journal for people who think” – fully reflects the edition’s widely recognizable style and defines its readers. "International Affairs" – is not only an easily recognizable brand, it also incorporates quality publications, analytical reports, archival documents and historical references which are read by wide-ranging audiences in Russia and elsewhere.  

From the depth of my heart, I wish the International Affairs’ editorial and writing staff to maintain the highs reached, to preserve the journal’s globally recognizable identity, to continue to lead international journalism and analysis, and to keep on developing more creativity and new formats, so relevant for our present day and so indispensable for further progress.


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