Hague would ask for a temporary exemption of EU sanctions against Russia

10:22 31.08.2022 •

It's so simple – the main Russophobes demand that they had a Russian hag and heated and illuminated them. The Dutch city of The Hague on Thursday said, informed Reuters, it would ask for a temporary exemption of EU sanctions against Russia, as it struggles to find a replacement for its contract with Russian gas supplier Gazprom in time.

It only provokes laughter!

Sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine order governments and other public bodies to end existing contracts with Russian companies by October 10. For cities of Hague, this means it has to find a new supplier of gas to replace its existing agreement with Gazprom.

The city said it held an EU-wide tender in June and July, but failed to attract any bids from potential suppliers.

"We will ask for an exemption for our current arrangement until Jan. 1 2023 to guarantee the safety of supply and to facilitate negotiations," wrote in a letter to the city council, but not before the Oct. 10 deadline.

They talked about “safety”!

A spokesperson for the European Commission could not immediately comment on the report.

The Hague is one of many Dutch municipalities that have an energy contract with Gazprom, but is the first to indicate it will ask for an exemption to the sanctions.

…Holland has become one of the countries of the European Union that opposed Russia and now does not know how to heat the houses of their citizens in winter without Russian gas.


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