Houthis hit British warship HMS Diamond in the Red Sea

11:39 13.02.2024 •

Destroyer HMS Diamond returns for rearming as HMS Richmond takes over maritime protection in the face of Houthi attacks
Photo: PA

His Majesty's Navy ship was attacked and damaged in the Red Sea. Now it is being taken to Britain for repairs. HMS Richmond will be deployed in the Red Sea temporarily while HMS Diamond is restocked, the National News informs.

HMS Richmond has temporarily taken over the protection of maritime trade in the Red Sea as Houthi attacks on shipping lanes continue.

The frigate replaces HMS Diamond, which has used the Sea Viper missile system to intercept drones used by the Yemeni militants several times throughout its deployment in the area.

HMS Diamond will now be rearmed before heading back into action in the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, a British-owned cargo vessel was attacked in the Red Sea, the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said.

Private security firm Ambrey said the vessel was a Barbados-flagged, British-owned cargo ship.

Houthi rebels also targeted the MV Star Nasia, a Marshall Island-flagged, Greek-owned bulk carrier sailing that was through the Gulf of Aden, inflicting minor damage, US Central Command said.

In a separate incident, an explosion was reported near a merchant ship about 90km from Aden in Yemen.

The Yemen-based Houthi group has repeatedly targeted shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, claiming its actions are in response to Israel's war on Hamas in Gaza – an assertion dismissed by the UK and allies.

The dangers to ships using the sea routes have forced many travelling between Asia and Europe to divert around the southern tip of Africa instead of using the Suez Canal, increasing costs and delivery times.

About 12 per cent of world trade passes through the Bab Al Mandeb, the strait linking the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.


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