II Media Forum-2019 Journalistic Freedom in the Context of Human Rights, New Technologies and International Information Security

12:51 22.11.2019 • Tiberio Graziani , journalist, Italy
Tiberio Graziani, journalist, Italy.
"We need a paradigm shift, a cultural change. We are living in very complex times. We are in the midst of a long geopolitical transition from the so-called US-led unipolar moment to a new one, which we can define as polycentric or multipolar. This is accompanied by a deep scientific and technological revolution and innovation, particularly evident in the information field. I believe that if we keep these two elements in mind we can try to identify paths or a communication and information strategy in order to help citizens to make their own critical opinion about the various occurring facts. I think we need to start with innovative cultural training of journalists, who often do not master the new digital-based communication techniques. They often fail to distinguish true from false news. But beyond that, obviously, it is necessary to implement the synergy between the IT security system with that of communication, safeguarding freedom of information, today threatened by - we can say - the masters of algorithms."


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